Monday, January 11, 2010

Nob Hill Notary Provides Much Needed Service in San Francisco

I began doing business for the local Nob Hill and surrounding communities in San Francisco in November of 2009. My business, Nob Hill Notary Services, allows me to meet with those from my local community as a Notary Public to provide much needed notarization services.

Customers can call within reasonable hours and be rest assured of having their documents notarized if they meet legal requirements. I'm repeatedly told how difficult a task it is for people to locate available notaries in San Francisco. Hence, there's a real need for what I do. For instance, a young lawyer contacted me last Friday night and was able to get a notarization within 15 minutes of his urgent inquiry.

There are a few local businesses that claim to provide notary services, such as UPS. In most cases UPS notaries are also on call and not available on-site. People go to places such as UPS expecting to find a notary only to learn they have to wait as long as 4 hours or more. In contrast, Nob Hill Notary Services offers many locations in San Francisco, including Nob Hill where I notarize at the local hotel establishments including the Fairmont Hotel. I'm mobile and, in most cases, can come to the customer within one hour.

My main office is located at 50 California Street, Suite 1500. I currently spend 20% of my time in the office, but will most likely increase my office time significantly over the next few months to serve the financial district where I seem to get the bulk notarization requests.

Notarizations are mostly by appointment but I can generally provide services within one hour of a phone inquiry. However, there is a two signature minimum unless I happen to be immediately available in my office.

Nob Hill Notary Services
50 California Street, Suite 1500
San Francisco, CA 94111