Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh No, Yellowstone's Shaking!

I have one of those special FireFox Add-ons that lets me know whenever there's an earthquake anywhere in the world by shaking my browser. Not just simply shaking the browser, but also measuring the intensity of the shake which is reflected in the degree of the browser's shaking. So, I'll be typing away at something and suddenly my browser interrupts what I'm doing. This has been accelerating a lot lately. Today there were even earthquakes in Yellowstone.

From recent Discovery Channel publicity, Yellowstone is widely recognized as the epicenter of a super volcano. They claim we're due for a super volcanic eruption that happens every few hundred thousands of years. Should that volcano ever blow, it's the end of the United States and much of civilization as we know it. I sincerely doubt the super volcano will blow but the very fact it could is frightening to say the least. It would change the entire future of the world and civilization in a split few seconds.

If my browser weren't continually shaking I wouldn't know about any earthquakes. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but it pays to be aware of certain things. I've battened down the hatches with special earthquake proofing in my home too.