Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Puppet Master Attorneys

I've got significant evidence that the court system on the lower levels is really playing on people's stupidity to profit from them. That's right, they're pulling people's strings like their puppets so they can profit off of fabricated overblown disputes. When the legal system overblows and manipulates people's petty disputes, they profit from it. I've got significant evidence now to confirm many people in the system are simply playing people for fools with no intent to help, but merely to exploit any circumstances to generate money.

So you have this lawyer who has studied law and all kinds of case
scenarios. They studied preconceived stories they learn in law school to address legal issues. However in the real world, they actually learn to become masters to manipulate situations to make legal issues that thereby generates money for themselves. They create legal issues out of thin air and thereby become God! I've seen it happen for a while now. I'm convinced these people in the legal field think they're so smart that they're playing people for fools. Deliberately. Calculatedly.
A man slips on a banana peel at a corporation. He sues the company for negligence as he had no way of avoiding the situation." Did it really happen that way? Or did the attorney mold it to fit the case law he studied?
This is what is happening in a bad economy; attorneys can shape reality to suit their case law. Regardless the room was well lit and the banana peel was dropped by the plaintiff, he blamed the corporation for his fall that broke his back. An attorney is called, observes the company is wealthy, and could care less the man really tossed the banana on the ground.

That's what's wrong with our legal system. Too many sleazy attorneys who exploit and deliberately over blow circumstances for financial gain.