Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scary Times; Defendant Astrologer Requests My Time of Birth

Here's more discovery for my case. This was posted a while ago on October 13, 2009.

It starts out:

On Oct 13, 4:52*am, Lou Seffer <> wrote:
> Edmond Wollmann lied:

> > I live in a gated community,

> Nice delusions of grandeur, kook. You live in a shitty apartment complex
> with a fence around it.

> > if someone comes to my gates they must
> > state who they are and their purpose, if they lie and don't identify
> > themselves, I don't have to let them in.

> Right. I'll bet you have a moat around your "castle" too.

> All those incredible defenses, such unbeatable security, and yet you
> still got SERVED, you lying dumbfuck.

Evidently the server breached the gates illegally by tresspassing, or unlawfully entered by following a tenant in while the gate was open. Either way all he did was stuff it in my door, he never identitified himself.


There are dozens of pages of posts on this site's thread, one in which EW dwells on the alleged imposter who sent me emails trying to frame him for writing me. Someone took the posts and transferred them onto, which is the Global Usenet Archiver. More info for my discovery.

Then there's this one:

Will this guy ever knock this stuff off? I once even offered him money to get over it! Then when he didn't respond to my cease and desist letters I filed a lawsuit. I then offered him a settlement agreement after he took down his blog and all he had to do was agree to stop posting stuff under my name. He prefers to obsess over me and try to find out my astrological information details.

Here are some other examples of recent defamatory posts of an extremely jealous, vicious man who can't stop posting malicious materials. I was fully background checked by the government three times already, yet this man wants to hold me hostage in his own court of law because he's an anarchist.

Example of Recent Defamation
Example of Defamation #2

What kind of reasonable individual would post in the midst of having a lawsuit filed against him for the Plaintiff's time of birth data? Who in their right mind?