Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Strange Coincidence Between Michael Jackson & King Tut

I couldn't overlook another strange coincidence between Michael Jackson and King Tut again. Last year I posted about the strange resemblance of Michael Jackson and King Tut in an ancient Egyptian depiction shown in a MSNBC video last year. I also noted the strange coincidence of the King Tut exhibit coming to San Francisco in June, 2009 just 31 years after I missed the last one in 1978. I noted the Tut exhibit had opened just a couple days after Michael Jackson died.

In my article I noted I once admired the King Tut tomb coffin replica in the Luxor gift shop in Las Vegas back in 2001 Michael Jackson was purported to have purchased years later. Now there's yet another coincidence I cannot possibly overlook. This is astounding! Both King Tut's and Michael Jackson's autopsies (i.e, cause of death) are officially released to the public within just a few days of each other! The difference is one was purportedly murdered, the other turned out to have died a natural death as a surprise to many.

What are the odds? I'm speechless. It only took 3,000 years for the results of King Tut's reasons for death.
I mean, what are the odds, that within a week of Michael Jackson's autopsy report being released to the media around February 10th, scientists released DNA evidence that disclosed after years of tests, how Kint Tut died! I just glanced over the news last week over what caused Michael Jacksons' death and a week later here is King Tut 's autopsy report from his DNA?

This is all too much to comprehend. What are the odds of Jackson's autopsy report and KingTut's being released within a week of each other? Considering King Tut's DNA results is a miracle in itself having taken thousands of years to produce, this is just too strange a coincidence to overlook. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone has overlooked it.

I'm convinced Michael Jackson tuned into King Tut's vibe as an artist. Only a musician, singer or actor/actress or singer can truly understand what this means.