Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Attorney Pamela Lauser Threatens Lawsuit Against Divorcee Mother With Two Young Children

As described in a previous post, I went to court on my 50th birthday in Concord Small Claims Court before one of the best judges I've ever witnessed, the Honorable Judge Ronald Creighton. Judge Creighton ruled fairly over my restraining order case against Cyber #2 last year so I was already familiar.

Whatever Judge Creighton rules in my Small Claims Court case I will accept as valid even if I don't recover any of my money back. We go before
judges for a reason, because they know the law and procedure. They have the ability to see two sides of the same coin. I've also witnessed incompetent judges who clearly play the political card for whatever reason. I'll write another story about that some other time.

What I witnessed in court made my stomach turn much like Alex Jones nearly threw up upon hearing of Texas Gubernatorial
Debra Medina's unspeakable comments recently. Pamela Lauser, an attorney in Martinez, CA, in the County of Contra Costa, really showed her true colors as a vicious political animal, (herein referred to as "Vicious Animal"). Here's the bottom line of what the Vicious Animal did in a court of law, she lied through her teeth as a form of psychological warfare. "I don't have a LinkedIn Account" is just one small insignificant example.

Basically, what many attorneys of this day and age believe is that because they have the power over the average American, they can say whatever they want and get away with it. They believe judges will side with them such as involving Small Claims Court cases because they're players in court's game. That may be so in some instances, but when they take the lying and over dramatization thing too far it becomes glaringly obvious it's all nothing but a game to them; a game to win at all costs because they are really whores. In fact, the term "whore" is too good for them. Many whores often have more integrity then attorneys who stoop low in their game plan to win at all costs.

Vicious Animal Sank Teeth Into Vulnerable Divorcee Client's Finances And Wants Even More!

After my earlier story about the Vicious Animal, I got a phone call from
one of her abused clients (herein referred to as "Abused Client") who shared her story of trauma and abuse, not of her husband as one might imagine, but by the Vicious Animal. Basically the Abused Client paid the Vicious Animal $8,000 and basically got nothing of any value in return except being lied to, conned and tormented. The attorney wants $12,000!

"I'll fight for you," proclaimed the Vicious Ani
mal in the initial salesmanship part of getting the retainer. For attorneys, once the retainer's signed, it's in the bag. Much like a student fresh out of high school gets their first credit card in college, divorce attorneys so view their Retainer Agreements. Their Retainer Agreement's the big clincher and some attorneys will say anything to the client to get it signed. In this case, befriending a vulnerable woman in the middle of her divorce was part of the Vicious Animal's con game.

The Abused Client, a professional with two small children, had made the mistake as many do of having gone to the Vicious Animal for her non-complex divorce. Many greedy attorneys such as the Vicious Animal often deliberately make a divorce more difficult in order to profit from. What the Abused Client told me about the Vicious Animal is how she got back stabbed, tormented and taken advantage of only to be threatened with a lawsuit for not paying even more money. According to the Abused Client, the divorce legal process should have been over but the Vicious Animal deliberately prolonged it including several unnecessary case management conferences to the point the judge had to ask, "what is this case still doing here?"

Attorney Brad Sherman and author of "
How to Do Your Own Divorce in California" says the Vicious Animal's practice of deliberately driving up a divorcee's costs isn't all that uncommon. Sherman advises people with non-complex divorces, in which both sides have already come to an agreement, to seek alternative services including mediation, court facilitators, legal document assistants, and divorce helplines:
"It's okay to use an attorney, but most people should not retain one in their divorce unless there is a clear reason for doing so."

"Never forget that when you retain an attorney, the more trouble you have, the more money the attorney makes. That's hardly an incentive to keep things simple."
Where it all stands for the Abused Client is the divorce is over, however she lives under the threat of a lawsuit being filed against her by the Vicious Animal who wasn't satisfied with $8,000 for her rather lame psychopathic services. The Abused Client was going to go to arbitration over the dispute, but has since decided to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A rather tragic financial outcome.

The Abused Client took her case for the Vicious Animal's questionable billing practices to another attorney to review. The attorney told her the Vicious Animal's billing was highly suspicious and recommend
ed she take it to the California State Bar Association.

The Abused Client has expressed wanting to contribute her own blog article here about her experiences with the Vicious Animal in order to help others to avoid being ripped off by this particular foul species of attorney. Legal service providers such as myself would like to help make these kind of ravenous greedy abusive attorneys extinct with alternative methods.