Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cheryl Meril's Masquerade? Cyber Stalker Needs to Get a Life

I recently learned I've been accused by a particular psychopathic cyber stalker of masquerading as myself. Imagine that! That's an interesting concept, how does one do such a thing? The cyber seems to be confused about one's self identity and how it is ultimately determined in identifying one's self. The reason the cyber's confused is he obviously doesn't know who he is. He's confused with his own identity so he's accusing people he doesn't know of being part of a masquerade.

I can say whole heatedly, a man posing anonymously posting misinformation about me is the cowardly person who is masquerading himself. It is clear who I am, and I have made this known many times by my fruits of singing, compositions and recent education and certifications. The cyber can't handle the truth. It's very simple.

I was a singer who gave up singing last year due to online cyber harassment. I then got an education in law to wrap things up. My voice is as plain as day who I am. A person's voice says a lot about them. A few people from my past summed me up and believed they could take advantage of me. They became shocked when I stood up for myself ultimately leading to their trying to cover-up for themselves. Sometimes I've stood up for myself in ways that made me vulnerable to a backlash. This is what any conflicts I had over a decade or more long ago amount to.

I just thought I'd clarify the cyber stalker who continues to write misinformation about me is a coward and his fruits are obvious to any reasonable person. When one stands up to psychopaths who have no conscience or sound reasoning facility, it usually causes them to backlash because they're control freaks.

This guy cyber stalking and posting misinformation about me is a pompous ass who has no comprehension of what a fool he's making of himself. He's a complete stranger who is proving his motivation is due to lawsuits I've filed last year. He's the one playing a masquerade.

I don't need some stranger and psychopath trying to tell me things about myself in trying to convince me he has a relationship with me. This is generally what this man's activities have amounted to. There is no relationship! Does a parasite have a relationship to a host where it doesn't belong? No! It needs to be removed.

Cyber nut contacted be my email in 2007, I rejected his initial con and exposed him, and he has refused to end harassing and cyber stalking me ever since.