Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does This Mean Gladys Knight Likes My Singing?

I haven't been singing at all since I sold my recording equipment last year. I couldn't help but laugh upon reading Gladys Knight's evaluation of today's singers as "Ya'll Singers Are Nasty" from a recent article. I'm glad she wasn't referring to me since I'm no longer a singer. Besides, Gladys is one of my favorite singers from the 70's. I loved Gladys Knight and the Pips. Back then, who didn't? It was great music. Gladys looks youthful in this recent photo.
It’s been bad, in my opinion, as far as the quality of the music and the stories that they tell. It’s one thing to be raw about your history, but they took it to another level and it became vulgar. It definitely has not elevated us as African-Americans, because we show disrespect for our partners, men and women. I believe we have lowered our self-esteem with these performances and presentations.
I recently learned Gladys Knight is really the one who discovered the Jackson 5 after all. Gladys saw the J5 perform at the Apollo theater and said wow, those kids are talented! I had no idea she was so close to Michael Jackson until hearing she sung at his private funeral ceremony at Forest Lawn.

What the music industry is suffering from is a lack of music training early in grade school many of today's schools don't have. Studies show music helps better develop the brain to use far more of its circuitry. In an article "Singing Rewires Damaged Brain", a neuroscientist even recommends children have some form of music programs early in their lives. I agree of course, but with that said, it should be balanced and not too extreme.

In an ideal society, it would be great to place all the talented musicians and singers in a special school that concentrates on those areas more strongly to help them develop better. I'm convinced had I been allowed to attend music camp all year for four years, I would have no doubt become a professional violist. The influence of far better musicians, along with a disciplined music regimen schedule under the guidance of music teachers would have made a huge difference.