Saturday, February 6, 2010

Edmond Wollmann's AOL Sock Puppet Identities

In his deposition last year, Edmond Wollmann claimed he never posted anything except under his real name and that he didn't really know what sock puppets were.

Here's an example of screen names Edmond Wollmann has used. One, two, three identifiers weren't enough. He filled up his entire AOL sub accounts slots available with various odd identities.
Here's a few informative pieces of information contradicting Edmond Wollmann's claims he doesn't know what sock puppets are and doesn't use them:
"You guyus [sic] are still spinning this sock puppet
crap believing I posted under other names to
support myself-what sort of idiots are you?" Link
I believe the "EWollmann" AOL account was purchased by someone on behalf of Wollmann who had lost the account in the 90's. I believe Wollmann still
wanted the email address after he lost it due to violating AOLs terms and conditions. He mistakenly used it in writing me in 2007 which is why he sent me a lawsuit threat. Imposters don't generally do such a thing as threaten lawsuits.