Monday, February 1, 2010

An Innocent Cyber Stalker? Humpf!

If one were to believe Cyber #1, someone wrote me with the email "" in May, 2007, that was once his AOL account long ago. That is, someone took such an account to impersonate him in order to cause havoc in his life.

After this person sent me a lawsuit threat message in ALL CAPS "take my email off of your blog OR I WILL SUE YOU!", they went on a rampage with my name all over the USENET astrology forum with dozens of egregious postings designed to show up in the Google search engine. That was just the beginning of a 2 1/2 year on-line rampage of me by a complete stranger.

This alleged impostor of Cyber #1 brilliantly mirrors his victim's psychological profile by writing with his well documented style and behavioral patterns. Yet, when push comes to shove and Cyber #1 has the authority and power to subpoena his impostor for his identity what does he do? He actually works with the impostor's attorney to hide his identity! Revealingly, the cyber also writes AOL explaining to them his predicament and that he has no desire to know who his alleged impostor is!

Cyber #1 has convinced himself he's covered since AOL confirmed in writing he does not own "" (in reality, no one does nor has since June of 2007) and that he "has not owned such an account for the past two years". Cyber #1 then begins presenting this as "evidence" he is innocent. The only problem is, the last two years of the AOL letter doesn't cover May, 2007, only October 2007 as the cut off time.

I don't know about anyone else, but if someone caused a lawsuit to be filed against me acting as my impostor, I would subpoena that person's identity immediately to prove it wasn't me. I wouldn't work with that person's attorney to cover up who that person is so approvingly. Had Cyber #1 submitted a subpoena for AOL to reveal the identity of the "Ewollmann" account holder, he could have theoretically vindicated himself. Yet, he has expressed in writing to AOL he has no interest in knowing who that alleged impostor is!

If I wanted to file a lawsuit against an innocent man for the purpose of harassment and torment, which is Cyber #1's allegation, I wouldn't choose such an impoverished pathetic individual with a mobile home in Los Lunas, New Mexico who has virtually no assets. One generally doesn't choose impoverished people to file lawsuits against for money these days.

The bottom line is, the level of insanity of these individuals really reveals itself in the degree they go to cover-up their true identities.

The alleged impostor's attorney has filed a Motion to Quash my subpoena.