Thursday, February 18, 2010

Judge Throws Out Ed Magedson's Defamation Suit Against Attorney Sarah Bird

A Federal Judge in Arizona has dismissed Ed Magedson's RipOff Report's defamation lawsuit over an alleged defamatory article by attorney Sarah Bird. Sarah Bird's article "The Anatomy of a RipOff Report Lawsuit," posted on stated Ripoff Report "has widely and universally accused of promulgating defamatory content and then extorting money from the victims of the very libel it publishes," the lawsuit states. Magedson is the owner of Xcentric Venture which operates

Many, including myself, hope RipOff Report gets taken down under the Federal racketeering law since it clearly profits from extorting money from people. It would be one thing if Magedson didn't charge thousands of dollars to make his personal correction comments to various reports. The fact is Magedson participates in extortion using his website to do so as such. In her article Bird proposes RipOff Report's alleged violations include:

• Defamation
• The Communications Decency Act (42 USC Section 230)
• The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization’s Act (“RICO Act”)
• Extortion

Other extortion businesses also branch off from the ROR monster, such as which is currently listed on the first page of a ROR Google search. Reputation Armor is a service fraudulently claiming to be able to remove RipOffReports.

I'd like to see more lawyers such as Bird hand RipOff Report a sound defeat and expose its operation for what it is.