Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Attack of the Bitter Pine Nuts

I thought I'd give a heads up there are some bitter pine nuts on the market that are causing people to have symptoms of everything tasting bitter for days afterwards. I Googled "food tastes bitter symptom" and came up with a few blogs substantiating with hundreds of comments that pine nuts can cause taste disturbance symptoms up to several days and even weeks.

I've also been looking up about symptoms of heart disease. Considering heart disease is the second largest killer of women in my age group in the country, I've had a few symptoms I wanted to check out. For instance, I've experienced rapid heart beats in my dream state that were really scary. My heart was practically jumping out of my chest during a nightmare last year. When people have heart attacks, many simply suddenly collapse. Take for instance this Indian fellow in the middle of a live tv broadcast. One minute he's smiling, the next. . . .[WARNING, VIEWER MAY FIND THIS VIDEO DISTURBING]
So this man had a lovely smile one minute, and the next second his eyes rolled up in their sockets and he was gone. It reminded me of a guru's meditation practice. I notice gurus roll their eyes up in their sockets when they meditate to look up at God. The guru Paramahansa Yoganada, who I studied in the early 1980's at the self-realization fellowship near Malibu, California, died of a heart attack in the middle of presenting a live speaker int he 1950's.
In this video Paramahansa shows how he rolls his eyes upward when he wants to reach a higher consciousness. People just suddenly drop dead as if lightning hits them. Doesn't matter what age one is either. It can happen to anyone at any time.

Our bodies are really nothing more then machines. Like a computer they can suddenly have circuit overload and shut down for good.