Friday, March 26, 2010

A Narcissist Never Learns - A Mobius Strip Rules His False Reality

I don't know when the pathological narcissist's ever going to finally realize his lying may appear to get him somewhere except for the reality he's in a never ending loop of hopelessness. One might feel temporary jubilation at continually getting others to back stab, smear and humiliate his victim on his behalf, however these little battles mean very little. Not only will this narcissist never get any legal fees out of me, he's sinking himself in fighting a hopeless war he cannot possibly win.

Any attorney worth his wage would give the narcissist this kind of advice, "you can't win this, let go of it and move on." Mr. Narcissist has continually lied and misrepresented himself hoping to win and gain accolades with the authorities.
This is what a typical narcissist does because he hates losing and for his fake image to be tarnished. Someone with a real inner foundation of themselves doesn't care how many battles they lose because truth is on their side and that's all that really matters.

Endless Loop for the Loopy Minded - Lies Solve Nothing!
The endless loop continues because the lesson has not been learned by the perpetrator. Keep paying attorneys, keep putting money into it because you're not getting a cent from me. It's a losing battle. Give it up!