Thursday, March 18, 2010

Singer Andy Williams Right On About Obama's Marxism

Of all things, if wonders never cease! I could hardly believe singer Andy Williams is still alive and kicking in 2010! It was only a a few months ago the singer accused Obama of being a Marxist wanting to destroy America. Boy was he ever right! With great age sometimes does come wisdom.

Obama is a total fraud whose real name he has admitted being Barry something or other. Obama wasn't even born in the United States! Obama's paid out $1.5 million dollars to attorneys to cover-up he's not a natural born US citizen for a lawsuit filed against him. Obama was born in Kenya.

I grew up listening to my mother's Andy Williams' albums and watching his television music show in the 1960's. I consider Andy Williams a great singer for his phrasing and sensitive approach to music. In retrospect, Barry Manilow's remake of Love Story on his latest CD in 2010 came way too late in Barry's career to do the Andy Williams' original version justice. The timing isn't quite right for Barry Manilow to make a good remake of the original.

Andy Williams was a great singer in my book being higly underrated in our culture today. I'm sure Barry Manilow was influenced by Andy Williams as well. It's too bad Manilow waited too late in his career to perform his latest 2010 CD honoring the greatest love songs of all time. What I miss in the music is real string players and stellar arrangements. Manilow's performance of Love Story on YouTube was painful to watch. Manilow's reduced himself to Karaoke that probably wouldn't make a first cut for American Idol. Out of respect for Barry Manilow, I won't post the video here.

Andy Williams is a testament to the growing probability human beings can become immortal living forever. Just look at his photo! Singing keeps people young if they stick with the right kind of music. Like I say, I can hardly believe Andy Williams is still alive in 2010 let alone outing Obama as a fraud President and a Marxist.