Thursday, April 8, 2010

Major Earthquake Activity Increasing in 2010 Worldwide

I'm bracing for an earthquake possibly to hit San Francisco in 2010, potentially in June. Thus far the city's been very lucky to have had no significant earthquakes since 1989. There have been too many earthquakes worldwide this year and there's no way San Francisco isn't going to end up having a major one in the near future. I'm probably one of the most prepared citizens in the city even having a great water making machine I bought last year.

The scary thing about San Francisco is the more time that goes by without any small earthquakes, the worse the big one's going to be due to all the pressure build-up. The people of San Francisco are sitting on a ticking time bomb of energy that will equal an atomic bomb. The city never fixed the water distribution problem so there will once again be problematic fires just like 1906.

Google World shows a map of recent earthquakes. You can observe earthquakes as they occur all over the world. It's pretty amazing to see the globe of the world with all the most recent earthquake's it's had.

It's not a matter of if the earthquake happens but when. When it does happen, I'll have my video camera ready to see if I can catch any lazy ass greedy prick attorneys running out of buildings in terror.

I got my earthquake and survival supplies at: