Sunday, April 25, 2010

Plugged Into the Matrix of False Reality

Like the Wizard of Oz, they often hide behind institutions like the Catholic church, a local superior court, as astrology counselors or police officers to carry out their lies and misdeeds against others.  These guys, herein referred to as "Matrix Men" are control freaks, those who twist facts and reality using the system to victimize women.  It's eye opening to come to the realization as I have, that no matter what I did to follow the law and rules, these guys made sure I didn't have a chance for my own protection and dignity. 

It's revealing to learn the truth how my testimony carries no weight in a court of law against any man, even after all of my efforts in getting an education in law.  It doesn't matter if the man was convicted of public nuisance or trespassing or has a horrendous on-line reputation.  None of it matters, because I am generally branded by a group of men forever. 

Matrix men lied, twisted facts and made sure once again that I didn't have a fair chance at justice.  They basically said it's okay to defame me, but my merely pointing out another's long standing activities on the Internet isn't okay.  They demonstrated to me they set up people, lie about them and want to protect their image as men.  They think nothing of fabricating, twisting and distorting information because they're perverts.

When you realize the matrix is really a false reality created by cowardly men, it's freeing in a way.  Though they've got a rigged game advantage, it's not worth much because it's nothing but a house of cards.  I'm not saying women aren't participants in some way, but most aren't consciously aware of it.

One of the reasons why our country is plunging is due to these kind of people who have no regard for the truth who have to manipulate reality to suit an outcome.  It's no use fighting them because they've got everything rigged in their favor.  Regardless, their matrix is nothing but a house of cards destined to collapse.