Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Secrets from Real Dentists and Greedy Ones Too!

I found a great article from dentists I thought I'd share today.  Last week I visited a dentist, Cheryl A. Widdis DDS in San Francisco, in response to one of those new patient welcome packages mailers.  Everything was nice about the visit, except just a itty bitty problem. The dentist claimed I needed a root canal and that all my old amalgam fillings replaced!  We're talking at least $3,000 in dental fees.  It was obvious to me Dr. Widdis viewed my mouth as a money making machine as others had suggested in reviews on Yelp, so I got a second opinion from a trusted dentist.

My trusted dentist of 10 years told me there was no evidence my tooth had died.  I was all in a panic for nothing since we all know how expensive a root canal can be.  This is a lesson that new dentists aren't to be trusted with such recommendations, and if they refer you to a specialist in their network, it is possibly a set-up to get more fees out of you. In other words, the dentist most likely gets a referral fee.  The specialist I had been referred to for a consultation was going to charge $157!  I ended up taking the xray to my former dentist who had also taken her own xrays.  She said nothing was wrong with my tooth!

I took the money I saved from the $157 consultation, and just got my hair highlighted and an eye exam. The dentist consultation fee was a lot of money for nothing. The specialist probably would have said I didn't need a root canal anyway (or maybe not depending on how desperate they are for money!).  It was especially unnerving I was given a initial diagnosis of needing a root canal because I have no dental insurance.

Everyone should watch out for greedy dentists in this bad economy.  They're not quite as evil as some attorneys are, but a few of them could give a rats behind about your pocketbook.