Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Solution to My Dilemma: A Folding Electric Bicycle

So here was my dilemma. I have a phobia of high speed driving. . . .I don't want a motorcycle driver license. . . I don't want to pay for parking, not even motorcycle meters. . . .I don't want to pay for insurance. . . .I don't want to pay for gas. . . .I don't want to leave an expensive item out on the street to be potentially damaged or stolen, I don't really have much space in my studio for a bicycle unless I hang it from the ceiling. . . I don't travel long distances and am always in San Francisco. . . I don't like using public transportation any more because the buses are crowded, late, full, and there are a lot of crazies and fights. . . I often get calls from the public needing me within a 15 minute window I cannot meet without a taxi or zip car rental. Neither methods of transportation qualify for tax write-offs.

I needed something I could write off for my business and get credits for being green. I could get an electric Smart Car by Mercedes if I wanted, but it didn't solve many of the issues described here. So, how did I solve this dilemma? I bought a folding electric bike Wednesday! No gas required. No new drivers license required. No insurance required. There are no worries on it getting stolen, I just roll it like a rollered suitcase after I'm done with it. I need not worry about my vertigo making me dizzy because it only goes 20 mph! When I'm done I just fold it up and bring it inside.

One might think $1,500 is a lot for a folding electric bicycle, but it pays for itself since public transportation costs amount to $4.00 per day. Plus there are tax write off benefits due to it being electric. The gov't doesn't pay for public transportation for business purposes unless it's 75 miles away.

Unlike most cities, one can get away with riding a folding electric bicycle in San Francisco without being considered odd. People understand and are more accepting of transportation issues. Most people in SF could care less what you drive as long as it's not one of those pogo stick skate boards.

Problem completely solved thanks to great new technologies! Maintenance costs will be low. I'll only be paying for electric charges once a month.

There's not one issue left unresolved with this decision. That's why I know it's the right one.