Monday, April 26, 2010

Turning Back the Hands of Time with Reversed Restraining Orders

I believe perhaps I'm the only legal professional in San Francisco whose ever done a reverse restraining order for someone that was successful.  Not only that, I was just asked to do another reverse for the same person, this time on someone they had filed against.

So here's what happens -- someone changes their mind after a restraining order and no one knows what to do. The self represented customer explained:
"We looked everywhere and couldn't find anyone to help us.  An attorney told us the judge wouldn't approve it." - At Your Service Legal Document Prep Customer 3/2/2010

The information is available on various court sites.  My fee for a reverse restraining order is $100.  For another $50 I will serve the papers on the respondent.  Had an attorney been involved the fee would have probably been $700 for representation in court and for the document fees.

This is just one example of how people can find ways around excessive attorney fees.

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