Sunday, April 4, 2010

What To Do About Vicious Women Hating Closet Cases? Out Them!

There's a stereotype everyone's familiar with known as the man hating woman, inspired by the feminists movement long ago. We've all heard accusations of certain women being man hating that resonates loudly in our culture with much unjustified credence. In all my life, I've only met a small handful of women who could be considered man hating. This is because women are so greatly rewarded for promoting and mimicking the often brutal politics of men in corporate America.

In spite of a lack of any clear evidence of women hating men on any detectable level, if a woman so much as stands up to sexual harassment in the workplace it's a red flag for men to jump on as a sign of a man hater. In fact, any conflict a woman poses to a man's reputation is considered a red flag to exploit on behalf of insecure men.
This well publicized consequential reality of male based retaliation tends to intimidate revelations of any men hating women behavior. Such intimidation doesn't work with me however, when it comes to being subjected to ongoing harassment and the audacity of such cyber stalking men to lie about me in a court of law.

Complete Strangers Won't Let Go of Me as a Scapegoat for their Closet Case Lifestyles
I initially attracted cyber stalkers especially when I uploaded YouTube videos of myself recording music in my studio, which happened to be in my insulated walk-in closet. The closet cases took issue with it. I was strongly mocked by these cybers for it, and for having my back to the camera. Since it was a music video for the purpose of sharing and recording my vocals, there was no justification for any mockery.

The problem I've been encountering for quite some time on the Internet is from extremely shallow, mentally disturbed strangers. These men do not know me having no common shared experiences relying primarily on the mere written word to base their assessments.
Our culture really doesn't bother to address closet case men who hate women and the masquerade of such individuals who pose as female companions. The truth is, such men have discovered the Internet as a perfect vehicle to masquerade behind an anonymous identity to lash out at women.

Court Hearing Testimony of a Closeted Middle Aged White Male Admitting to His Internet Lifestyle

It's not difficult to consider the psychological profile of a man hiding behind a key board lashing out at women anonymously while venting anger for the many years he's felt society and particular forums have continually wronged him and his alleged high stature.
Such an isolated outcast who spends all of his time on the Internet with no real life or basis in reality finds great satisfaction in finding similar frustrated closeted men to gang up on any vulnerable woman on the Internet.
Ex. 1 Deponent's request to have his alleged girlfriend's named redacted from his testimony.

Ex. 2 Deponent's original testimony he had a girlfriend he later redacted.

Case in Point - Frustrated Closet Case Middle Aged Cyber Stalker
Who Lives His Life on the Internet and Behind a PO Box.

A middle aged white male being accused in a lawsuit of cyber stalking, defamation and harassment claimed at a deposition to have a girlfriend. Later the man requested a correction to the deposition transcript to remove the alleged girlfriend's name. Why? The theory is the closeted man had apparently used a friend's name at a deposition to disguise he's a closet case. This theory is based on verifiable evidence. There is no "real" relationship otherwise the girlfriend's name would have remained on record. The name had already been disclosed so there was nothing to hide. Because the closet case has no real relationship with a woman, he is continually venting his hatred anonymously towards chosen targets.

"He's a former acquaintance" - Shari 2007 - former girlfriend of closet case from 1994 who was later forced by him to admit she was once his live-in girlfriend.

"She's my former common law wife" - Closet Case - an attempt to hide the fact his last significant relationship 15 years ago wasn't consummated with a real marriage. Closet case also put photos of them together on the Internet without her permission (used a woman again).

So yes, I do think I have strong basis for my contention there's a problem with vicious closet case middle aged men venting their hateful spew towards vulnerable women on the Internet. When I say vulnerable, I'm referring to anyone such as myself who has anything in their past long ago to overt attention from the closet case having to face the truth of himself.
When I say long ago, I'm referring to rather insignificant things over decades ago men such as these use as a foundation for their disputes with me.

The other reason I know I'm dealing with closet case vicious angry men is heterosexual men would never, ever spend so much of their time in this regard venting anger and hatred over gay remarks I deliberately planted in my blog articles. Why? Because heterosexual men generally are looking for sex and/or relationships they easily find with women through the Internet. Availability of women are plentiful to heterosexual men and they tend to be more mellow because of it.

I can't imagine the kind of closet case who would use a woman's name as his girlfriend at a deposition hearing, only to then request it later be struck from the transcript. If I put myself in such a woman's shoes this is what I would be saying:
Take my name out of that deposition, you didn't have my permission to claim I'm your girlfriend at a court hearing! - A Fictionally Based Interpretation of a Used Female Friend of Cyber Stalker

Here's another piece of the puzzle:

A middle aged closeted male expresses his behavioral control problems in public and gets a public nuisance conviction in 2003.
The police officer confiscates his binoculars. What possibly could he be looking at with binoculars? Binoculars are synonymous with spying on others, of violating others' privacy. Certainly such an individual wasn't on vacation in his own town site seeing! -Columbo Wanna Be

Doing the math, the formulas listed above calculate as follows:


Frustrated, angry middle aged closet case void of any relationships except his young adult son, spends all of his time on the Internet viciously cyber stalking and victimizing a vulnerable woman over a three year period to overt attention from his shortcomings. The closet case continues to maintain and hide behind a fake image of himself while lying to authorities and the court system about his anonymous on-line unlawful activities.

What a psychologist could possibly assess over Cyber #1:

He has issues developing real relationships with people and has been continually accused on forums of being a pathological liar. His male peer group especially continually mock and humiliate him for his behavior on Internet forums in which he's won various humiliating awards. He's referred to continually as "panty head" and various mocking terms. He's also been repeatedly accused of having an obsession with a particular transvestite. Large web sites have been created documenting his use of sock puppet ID's, harassment activities, quotations, and articles have been written from other sources.

In response, Closet Case maintains he has survived their continual harassment for 12 years and they are all frauds out to get him. He maintains he is always innocent of any others' accusations against him while he has contacted the FBI over his web site rankings in Google.

Cyber #1 & Cyber #2 - Evidence of Repressed Closet Case Issues Involving Hatred of Women and Numerous Ongoing Male Based Conflicts

Chris Crocker's skits are about gay men's multi-dimensional repressed behaviors symptomatic of the oppression of a heterosexual based culture. Such behaviors are reminiscent of Cyber #1's well documented ten year on-line history which have earned him multiple Internet based kook awards.

It is my opinion, based on this and other undisclosed evidence, vicious closet case cyber stalkers have formed a small cyber gang victimizing me on the Internet and in multiple intense comments to my blogs and emails since 2006. They set up various blogs, stalked me on Zimbio and YouTube and one in particular has never ceased in spite of lawsuits and RO's filed. I've been able to denote the major contributors of defamation against me are by two men. The stray cybers with small participation are located in Englewood, Colorado and in Germany. Over a three year period, there have been a very limited number of stray cyber stalkers attracted with all the various posting activities. Various evidence I have points to the major participants as Cyber #1 and Cyber #2.

Through much effort and hard work, in spite of a SFPD officer's attempt to intimidate me and cover-up, I was able to get one RO against one of them through another jurisdiction. The reason I finally got an RO against a man was only because two male witnesses testified at the hearing. These two men had suffered greatly for the cyber's vicious on-line defamation much as I have.

Example of Cyber #2's Vicious Activities Against Two Male Victims and Myself.