Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheryl Meril (Merrill) Wins $25,136 Judgment Against Cyber Stalker #2

A few weeks ago a San Francisco judge awarded me $25,136 against Cyber Stalker #2 I've referred to throughout this blog.  I was quite relieved considering two San Diego Court judges were brutal towards me in my case I filed against Cyber #1.  The problem with that case was there was an additional person involved and I didn't name any DOES (i.e., John Does).  A Motion to Quash AOL's email address is what ruined my case that I had ultimately requested a dismissal for.  Two high profile judges in San Diego were also playing politics with my case from two jurisdictions of the Central and East county divisions and it was all just a mess. I have nothing more to say or write about that case.  One thing for sure, I will never visit San Diego again! 

A press release was issued per my lawsuit win.  Cyber #2 is the same person who put up a nasty blog under ("Cheryl Merrill vs. Cheryl Merrill").  I was so devastated by this guy's activities, I'm very relieved to have received some admission by a court after all the evidence I submitted.  I had previously learned from the San Diego Court case nothing is assured no matter how hard you work or what you've been through.

All I wanted was to be a singer in a jazz trio on a cruise ship back in 2007.