Sunday, May 23, 2010

CNN's Story on Richard Fine - Political Prisoner of Los Angeles Judges

This is an interesting video about political prisoner former attorney Richard Fine I've blogged about a few times.  It's interesting to see how they ultimately cover-up for the fact Mr. Fine won a decision thanks to Judicial Watch filed with the 4th District Court of Appeals in San Diego  against all the LA judges for their accepting bribes from the City of Los Angeles (known as the Sturgeon case). (For more info see Full Disclosure Network's latest video) In response, the judges got politicians to simply enact new legislation making the bribes legal.  CNN's interview of the CA State Bar representative Joe Carlucci demonstrates how they work to cover-up the truth of the matter to make it appear Mr. Fine's actions were comparable to a murderer.  

In the CNN video Joe Carlucci, who was interviewed on behalf of the State Bar of California, really exposed how the system works to cover up the truth. Mr. Carlucci used language associating Mr. Fine's actions in filing alleged frivolous lawsuits, with that of a murderer suggesting just because a murderer hasn't ever had any previous criminal history doesn't change the fact he committed murder.  

In the CNN report they further sought to cover-up making Mr. Fine responsible for his own incarceration, claiming all he had to do was produce documents to get himself out of jail, another attorney trick.  Attorneys continually use "omission of relevant facts" in their strategies to cover-up for wrong doing.  Unfortunately this method of indirect lying infiltrates every part of our society today.  Fortunately, for those who want to get to the bottom of things to the truth, we now have a means to.

In the old days prior to the Internet, people relied on what the media told them.  Today if you really want to know the truth, you have much relevant information at your fingertips.  Anyone who looks into Mr. Fine's claims with an open and objective mind can see the truth of the matter. The political system is working to cover-up on behalf of corrupt judges who have a conflict of interest to protect the interests of the City of Los Angeles.

It will be interesting to see what happens when California ultimately goes bankrupt how the system will support these kind of activities in the future. In the meantime, Mr. Fine is 71 years old and could very well die in jail. Mr. Fine's already served a 14 month sentence without having been charged with any crime.  Mr. Fine merely stood up on the people's behalf and ultimately proved the judges had accepted bribes of $50,000 a year for nearly two decades.

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