Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Amelia Earhart of the Sea Jessica Watson 16 Beats All Odds with World Record

Here's a breath of fresh air from the news lately with a young girl, Jessica Watson, 16 having just completed a round-the-world sailing adventure on a small pink yacht!  This is truly amazing and a testament of unique parents who, against critics' warnings, took a huge leap of faith in allowing their daughter to make the ultimate decision.  

Talk about the spirit of freedom!  This lady is extremely talented to have faced her fears so young in life, demonstrating mastery of survival alone on the seas without any help.  This is the kind of person who should be a role model to youth around the world.  

I hope they plaster Jessica's face all over the world making her as big as Amelia Earhart was, because youth everywhere needs an inspirational role model.  Why, adults need this kind of inspiration too!  Many Americans are couch potatoes living inside their heads through television.  When we read stories like this it's truly invigorating.  I personally stopped watching television in 2007 and have accomplished more than I have in the past 30 years because of it. I recorded my own music, got an education in law with a paralegal certificate and started my own businesses.  

Back in 2007, it finally dawned on me when I was watching Will & Grace repeats that something was terribly wrong.  Why was I wasting my time watching the same show 3 or even 4 times?  Then I realized other program repeats I had also been watching. Then there were those commercials!  They'd show the same commercial every 20 minutes!  It finally dawned on me addiction to television programming is really bad for one's own life not to mention pocket book considering cable television costs.  

I wonder what my life would have been like had I not wasted so many years watching television from the time I was a kid?  Television can be a great tool, but becomes addictive for many people as it had for me.  People become detached from their lives and reality and families don't communicate or face their issues, choosing to watch a television program instead. I think television is really bad for people's mental health in so many ways.   

I've asked the following:
  • Would there be an Einstein of historical significance had he been raised up on television programming?  
  • Would Mozart's gifts ever come to be had he been exposed to television young in life?
  • Had television existed in ancient times, how would that have changed the future as we know it today? 
I've come to the conclusion television addiction is truly destructive to people's personal lives and thinking processes, etc.  In fact, television makes a mockery of the human mind's development!  I ask what could I have truly been and accomplished had it not been for spending hours in my childhood watching so much garbage? Television turned me into a zombie for sure, causing my brain waves stagnation.    

It's too bad so many cultures inhibit youthful talent as if one has to be an adult to accomplish anything of any value.  Television is often used by parents to pacify their kids.  I think parents should do as much as possible to encourage independence and freedom of choice.  

Australia Hails Jessica Watson