Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Riots in Greece Demonstrate Great Passion of Greek People

After viewing a few of these riot videos from Greece, the people clearly aren't afraid of the police as Americans are.  These people are unbelievably angry!  I understand the Greek way of life has been very good for decades compared to American's lifestyle. They retire younger and get huge bonuses and are paid extra for getting to work on time.  If Greece doesn't survive its economic situation it could possibly begin the domino effect of the collapse of the entire world economy.  I understand Japan is also considered junk bond status.  If Japan goes, that would definitely begin a world economic collapse. 

I don't think I'll be vacationing in Greece this summer and will stick with having occasional humus and black marinated olives.  Yanni, the Greek composer, is fortunate to have completed his huge concert at the Acropolis in the mid 1990's prior to all the economic upheaval.


This Yanni at the Acropolis concert's timing in 1995 was perfect considering 15 years later Greece's economy would be in such upheaval.