Monday, May 3, 2010

The U.S. Federal Government Wants Illegal Immigrants for Cheap Labor

I've been thinking a lot about what the solution is to the growing illegal immigrant problem brewing in the United States.  It's easy for Americans to vent their anger towards the illegal immigrants themselves as the source of the problem, but that will only make matters worse.  The people who are escaping Mexico's situation can't really be blamed for their human instincts to survive a bad situation in their country.  Americans should instead be blaming their own politicians who have allowed this problem to fester since former President Richard Nixon had last genuinely addressed it.

A journalist for the Christian Monitor put it this way:
If we were all illegal immigrants, the country would have a much healthier economy. Labor rates would fall to levels where we could compete with other exporters. Social costs – food stamps, unemployment compensation, social security, medicare/aid – would drop. And non-voters couldn’t demand more bread and circuses from the legislature (currently, 47% of voters pay no taxes…) - As Illegal Immigration Falls is America in Decline?,  Bill Bonner, CS Monitor
As with many other Americans like him, Mr. Bonner wants slave laborers so he doesn't have to pay American's wages.  Bonner wants a slave economy where everyone is serving him and his snickering Ivy League frat buddies for cheap while he prospers through prestigious networks. This is the general mindset of those in our government who don't adequately address the illegal immigration problem.

As an American I've assumed the U.S. government's been addressing protecting our borders.  In fact, it appears to be quite the opposite that illegal immigration has been encouraged for the purpose of hiring laborers for cheap.  Instead of blaming the poor third world immigrants for only following their human survival instincts, Americans should fez up as I have that it's our own fault for not making sure our elected officials are doing their jobs.  For instance, many Americans can only blame themselves for electing a President recently whose home country is Kenya, and whose real name he admits to be Barry Soetoro.  Obama's not a natural born U.S. citizen so he's only naturally unopposed to illegal immigration.

Americans need to get a grip they don't rule Washington D.C. and have virtually no real influence over it.  America is now 100% corporate bank owned.  The U.S. federal government actually prefers illegal immigrants to enter the country for cheap labor and to bring down the pay scales of Americans.  If those in government didn't want illegal immigrants they'd have done something about the problem years ago.  The feds would also just love for Americans to get into riots and drama over the immigrant situation in order to evoke more control and possibly implement martial law. 

When it finally dawns on Americans its federal government in particular hasn't been acting in their best interests for decades over illegal immigration and other issues, maybe they'll begin focusing on realistic solutions.  The feds know most Americans will simply blow up at the illegal immigrants which is what they prefer so as to distract from themselves as the true source of the problem.

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