Thursday, June 3, 2010

BP Snubs a Horrified Titanic Director James Cameron's Offer of Help

One of the greatest directors in American history, James Cameron, director of "Avatar", "Titanic" and "The Abyss" recently referred to BP as "those morons."   The avid deep-sea explorer Cameron said on Wednesday that BP had turned down his offer to help combat the massive spill.  As I've repeatedly stated throughout my blog warnings, BP doesn't want anyone's help because it has no real intention of stopping the oil from flowing.

BP's only interest right now is a masquerade of theatrics on the world stage while deliberately speeding up the oil's flow for the purpose of capturing it.  BP recently announced the flow would be allowed to increase by 20% and isn't anticipated to stop until August, 2010.  The question begs if BP can't stop it now, what makes it think it can stop it in August?  My guess is BP is stalling for time to attempt to get to the oil, not stop it because it's an evil and corrupt oil company. 
Cameron said he had offered to help the government and BP. He said he was 'graciously' turned away by the British energy giant but has not spoken to the White House about his offer. . . Over the last few weeks I've watched, as we all have, with growing horror and heartache, watching what's happening in the Gulf and thinking those morons don't know what they're doing," Cameron said at the All Things Digital technology conference.
In the article, Cameron suggested the U.S. government should take a more active role in monitoring the undersea gusher, which has become the worst oil spill in U.S. history:
"I know really, really, really smart people that work typically at depths much greater than what that well is at," Cameron said.
While acknowledging that his contacts in the deep-sea industry do not drill for oil, Cameron said that they are accustomed to operating various underwater vehicles and electronic optical fiber systems.
"Most importantly," he added, "they know the engineering that it requires to get something done at that depth." 
BP really doesn't want anyone's help since it deliberately drilled into a volcano full of oil 5,000 feet at the bottom of the sea.  BP knew the risks involved, and that it had few resources for a disaster scenario.  BP's is currently masking its only interest is that of recovering whatever oil it possibly can.  British Petroleum is obviously a foreign company and the U.S. government gets part BP's oil drilling profits so there's obviously a conflict of interest on behalf of the American public and U.S. coastlines.

To reiterate, BP has no intention of stopping the leak whatsoever and could care less about the health of America's coastlines and the world's seas considering it unnecessarily dumped tons of toxic chemicals which are far worse then the oil itself!  In an earlier post, I denoted a Russian scientific study which claimed toxic rains from those chemicals could potentially destroy the Eastern hemisphere of North America.  People need to wake up!