Saturday, June 19, 2010

Charlie Chaplin's Famous Speech From The Great Dictator - Good Try Dude!

A famous scene from the 1940's classic The Great Dictator -
Charlie Chaplin's answer to Hitler's rise to power.

I recently came across an incredible classic video of Charlie Chaplin I'd never seen before.  Unfortunately, no one apparently had ever conveyed to Mr. Chaplin humanity didn't survive on idealism alone. The ultimate truth is this world is brutal by nature and always has been. Whatever pockets of peace and harmony human cultures have found are only temporary. It's just the nature of cyclical patterns of life and death.

All hominids throughout the earth's history have become extinct. There is evidence certain species even caused the other's extinction such as Cro Magnons vs. Neanderthals. If there's any further evidence one needs to confirm humanity doesn't thrive on peace and harmony, one need only look so far as how Columbus discovered America while senselessly torturing and slaughtering gentle Indian tribes that were not prepared for such a betrayal of their trust.

Regardless, this little Chaplin movie speech in the film The Great Dictator is a brilliant attempt to counter Hilter's presence back then. I've come to the conclusion this idealism isn't meant for our world, but another. There is another world beyond this one. Great artists like Chaplin have merely channeled that world into this one and nothing more.  This world we all live in is destined for destruction and upheaval. In fact, there's currently an emerging new industry at work trying to predict the ways humanity will end.

For instance, check out this ridiculous video  on a television program called Mega Disasters about methane gas and our oceans and what the scientist says
"This methane eruption in the oceans has happened repeatedly over the past half BILLION years without fail and there's no question in my mind it will happen again."  
Lots of laughs!! 

If wild animals could talk and rise above their own limited condition as humans strive to, this is an example of how ridiculous Charlie Chaplin's speech is in reality of the nature of world we live in:
An elderly lion that hasn't eaten in days is closing in on a fawn for its meal. The lion doesn't have much time left, but the fawn has an entire lifetime of grazing and enjoyment ahead of it. The lion is tired, old and miserable. As the lion approaches its meal, a particular species that is free from being hunted by predators, being always at peace in the wild without any fear, climbs up a high tree above the chaos below to proclaim:

"Let us not live in misery and kill one another, let us live in peace and harmony in this animal kingdom of ours. We are here to help, not destroy, one another."
Do you think the lion will lay down its life and starve rather than enjoy a good meal? The lion can't overcome its nature and instincts as many evil human beings can't.  Sociopaths are just one example, many of whom rise to high places in governments.  Their thirst for blood and evil knows no bounds.

Sorry Mr. Chaplin, though a wonderful idealism you had and strong conviction of what the world could be, it's not anywhere near the nature of the world we live in.  Your idealism exists in the world of dreams and imagination.  It all comes down to the human brain.  The brain is flawed because it sits on the reptilian brain stem as its foundation.  Our brain was formed from reptilian brains in evolution time.  

I love Charlie Chaplin's fruits for sure, but any enemy would die of laughter over his attempt in The Great Dictator to address the dark realities of the world we live in.  It's the human brain that's the problem, not the solution.  Dictators brainwash like the Borg in Star Trek took over Captain Pickard.  The human brain is the problem.

I spent decades trying to overcome the reality and nature of the world we live in.  Somewhere down the line I was forced to face reality. Reality is whatever the evil dark people who have full power and control in this world decide it is because it's really their world. I'm only passing through as a tourist time traveler and nothing more.  In fact, I don't give much credence to this world at all. I think this world's overblown in its importance and destined to all be destroyed in one form or another. I love nature and the sea, but they will ultimately be destroyed in one way or another over geological time.  It's all so  brutal.

I think Charlie Chaplin would be horrified at what is facing humanity right now.  If he lived today he certainly wouldn't be writing a song called "Smile".  In the 1970's at the age of 85, the Queen of England knighted Chaplin.  The fact is, Chaplin reached the end of his life apparently naive to the fact he was knighted by one of the most hideously evil royal families of all time.  The English royals are among the darkest, most hideously corrupt souls on the planet that is currently plotting mass murder and population reduction.  For instance, the Queen of England is joint owner of BP.

The Queen wanted a piece of Chaplin near the end of his life for sure.