Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Corrupt San Diego Superior Court Awarded Edmond Wollmann Legal Fees At Secret Hearing

**UPDATE** See Exposing the Illuminati in Hollywood Films - My Letter To Entertainment Attorney Joseph F. Hart Detailing Rick Lazzarini's Using My Life For His Horror Movie Project - August 10, 2012

In my opinion, there's something seriously wrong with the San Diego Superior Court system.  My experience was they are highly political, sexist and don't necessarily follow statutory law or procedures.  I'm referring particularly to Judge Robert C. Longstreth, who looks as gay as any gay man in San Francisco I've ever worked with.  Notice the rather inhuman glazed look in this Judge's eyes (the photo was since taken down on the site I linked to and is unavailable)?  These are the eyes that aided and abetted Edmond Wollmann while seeking to severely punish me for filing a lawsuit in pro per.  I had plenty of corroborating evidence to back up my claims.  Judge Longstreth was appointed to the bench by Terminator actor, Governor Arnold Schwarznegger in 2008.

Like the Terminator, this judge was predatory of my future in his statements at a hearing and was brutal and sadistic in his intent to punish me for filing my lawsuit he asked me to withdraw on record.  He stated he believed I had the "wrong man".   Yet this judge wasn't even overseeing the lawsuit though he seemed desperate to have it moved to his jurisdiction in the East County court.  This judge's hearing was for another case Mr. Wollmann filed in another county of San Diego.  It was filed in pro per by Mr. Wollmann due to my contacting the La Mesa Police over a gun related death threat. The judge issued statements "on record" for the Central court to follow in my case.  Prior to my contacting the police, I also contacted the SFPD and the San Diego District Attorney's office. I was working through the system and not harassing Mr. Wollmann of my own accord whatsoever.

This Judge Longstreth is a total bully who acted as if he was Mr. Wollmann's attorney at a hearing, arguing over petty issues of a few miles of driving to the Central Court rather then the East Court.  This judge disregarded all of my response motions and didn't appear to read or acknowledge any of them in my defense of fraudulent claims I had harassed Edmond Wollmann.  Judge Longstreth is typical of judges these days who abuse their discretion and overlook statutes due to overt sexism and gender bias against women falsely accused by their predators.   

A Little Background on How It All Started

I sent two cease and desist letters to Mr. Wollmann prior to filing my lawsuit that went unanswered.  I had good reason to believe he was involved in sending me obscene messages and posting defamation on a blog, including having me in handcuffs and behind bars accusing me of a multitude of crimes.  The judge didn't care what evidence I had.  He issued a statement at the hearing that was forwarded by Mr. Wollmann to the Central court judge.  The Central court judge Charles R. Hayes then became very hard on me and my case.

I ultimately dismissed the case but they called a secret hearing to issue Mr. Wollmann his legal fees for the case.  The secret meeting wasn't on calendar because the case was dismissed.  Yet the judge made sure to use the opportunity to benefit Mr. Wollmann at what is called the discovery hearing a few days prior to trial.  There was no trial scheduled, so there should not have been such a hearing.  They created the hearing from thin air to accommodate Mr. Wollmann's request for legal fees.

Cyber Stalkers' Activities Have Drained My Savings Account & Affected My Income Considerably

Unfortunately, due to the cyber stalker's activities, my finances have dwindled considerably and there is not any money I can provide to Mr. Wollmann.  He will not be successful in obtaining money from me because I have limited income thanks to he and his sidekick's phantom's on-line activities.  I have little assets as well.  There is really nothing Mr. Wollmann can do to successfully collect on his judgment, as there is nothing I can do to collect $25,000 I was awarded for another cyber stalker's activities.  They're broke and so am I.  When people have no money, there's nothing you can do to collect it.  Most lawsuit judgments go uncollected simply for the fact people have no money.

Cruel Judges in San Diego Sought to Punish Me For My Valid Lawsuit! Ordered Me To Pay!

I spoke with an attorney familiar with my case, a Cathy Kazemi in San Diego who said the sanctions issued against me for my discovery of "" was highly abnormal.  Not only were they abnormal, the judge violated the Discovery Act.  I did not abuse the discovery process to obtain the identity of a man through AOL who clearly harassed me with emails and posted defamation on the Internet.  Attorney Kazemi told me she had never heard of a judge ever sanctioning a pro per over a discovery request before. This clearly happened due to the politics involved between two judges.  Judge Longstreth was making some serious statements against me in the court room that indicated to me he fully believed a public nuisance, trespass convicted individual who admitted at a court hearing he spent all of his time on the Internet.  He believed Mr. Wollmann and disregarded me all together indicating prejudice and bias.

When a court is overtly political and doesn't consider two sides of an issue, it is clear it is corrupt.  The Court of Judge Longstreth, who was since transferred to the Family Court in San Diego, should be highly scrutinized by the public and those who appear before him for any overtly sexist political decisions that are extreme.  Apparently Judge Longstreth has had issues with women in his personal life that he's looking to dump on them whenever he is able.  From my and other female experiences, gay men especially seem to have much underlying hostility and anger towards the opposite sex for obvious reasons.  It's not like it is on Will & Grace, a highly fictional sitcom.

Judge Charles R. Hayes who took over where Judge Longstreth left off with his statement, carried out his intent and issued harsh penalties against me, though I withdrew my lawsuit.  Judge Hayes had supported Judge Longstreths campaign and is listed as an endorser.  I maintain Edmond Wollmann's on-line reputation, admissions of frivolous complaints to the FBI over Google rankings, admission to being on the Internet all the time, and criminal convictions, all supported good reason for my lawsuit, not to mention his ignoring my cease and desist letters and even evading my process server.

California's Imminent Bankruptcy & Collapse

When the State of California collapses, not to mention America, the good part of it will be it won't be able to afford these corrupt judge's salaries and bloated pensions. These male judges a oppressive to women particularly.  All I wanted to do originally was be a singer on  a cruise ship.  It all started when a cyber stalker wanted to mock me for my video singing with my back to a camera in my studio converted from a walk-in closet.  It was all so ridiculous how these closet gay men made an issue of my singing video.  A previous cyber stalker's work (I was awarded a judgment for) provided impetus for momentum of a gay men's gang up mentality on a woman. They should go watch Boy George and George Michael's videos and leave me the hell alone!

After seeing a photograph of Judge Longstreth, and experiencing his overt sexism, I honestly question his sexuality.  Is he one of those guys in the closet who uses women?  He sided with Mr. Wollmann and entirely disregarded my motions and statement of facts, because he most likely favors men.  Of course, that's just my opinion.  I certainly wouldn't want to be accused of defaming Judge Longstreth, whose a public figure.