Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cyber Stalker #1 Served Once Again With Restraining Order Papers

Here we go again, three time's a charm so I've heard.  My fantastic process server in San Diego served Cyber Stalker #1 again Friday night.  This time the clerk had the judge take a look at the RO case first before granting it.  I have new evidence thanks to the advancement of IP recording widgets you can now place on your blog.  The widgets are located in the menu bar of this blog.  

Within 30 minutes of being served, I got this anonymous email from the guilty party:

 The email continued to quote things I wrote 3 years ago when the dispute began.

It's true I've tried twice to obtain an RO, once in San Diego and once in San Francisco, against Cyber #1.  One more time should finish it up.

It's so sad the court system was duped by this hideous person.