Friday, July 30, 2010

FlipoGraphs Are An Interesting Marketing Tool of 2D Graphics

I was at my eBike shop earlier this week and Len Rogers at the Electric Bike Outlet told me about his associate at Karla Jacobs who started a 2D hologram graphics company at  I checked it out mostly because I wanted to see if I could make the 2D material myself.  Turns out not because Fliopgraph owns proprietary software.

What Fliopograph does is display two high definition photographs on a plastic card that change based on which angle it's viewed from.  It seems almost like the cards are a mini computer screen since it refracts light.  This means you can essentially have your marketing message and then perhaps have a large URL address on the 2nd view.

On another note, the 3D  trend sure does seem to be taking off.  I recently saw a commercial for 3D toothpaste and realized they've taken it too far. Imagine that, toothpaste in 3D, i.e., real life toothpaste because you can see it from all sides.