Monday, July 12, 2010

Last Night's Dream of War

I think last night's dream of war is worthy to note because premonitions of the future have often come to fruition through my dreams.  I often have really nice dreams but once in a while come across a nightmare such as last night's.  Okay, here's the simple symbolic dream.
"I was in a building on around the 5th floor somewhere overlooking an area at a distance of 300 yards away.  I observed a large metal object hit the ground and there was a rather small explosion.  A small ball came up out of the object as it hit the ground, and went far up into the sky.  I observed the ball rise into the air and was trying to determine where it would land.  The ball landed not too far from the previous area and another yet larger explosion occurred. The pattern repeated twice with the balls getting smaller each time until a very large explosion with huge masses of black smoke going up into the air had occurred.

The dream ended with an even smaller ball going up again into the air headed towards me only 10 yards away.  That's when I woke up not feeling too well."

Interpretation of Dream

This was an interesting dream that the size of the balls shooting up in the air shrank while the explosions got larger and more destructive.  To me it symbolizes a nuclear war up ahead since smaller represents atomic bomb.  In truth my dream is probably nothing more than the outcome of listening to Alex Jones radio each day.  Jones, Celente and others are continually claiming WWIII and a nuclear confrontation with Iran is being prepared.   Then again, I don't usually have dreams like this.  It's quite unusual and certainly not induced.  I prefer not to have dreams that leave off with atomic devices landing near me.