Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Obsessed Visitor Cyberstalker Edmond Wollmann

Cyberstalker Edmond Wollmann visits this blog each and every day under "Santee, CA" IP  (see sidebar).  Wollmann's been visiting this blog obsessively every day from El Cajon and San Diego IP's since its inception as an unwelcome visitor who is trespassing on my intellectual property.  Even when it's denoted he visits this blog as an unwelcome visitor such as my post a few days ago, he continues to visit.

Wollmann got some special help from a corrupt San Diego Superior Court system a few months ago that blocked my protecting myself from this hovering piece of shit individual.  Some closet homosexual corrupt judge took pity on this beast's act of innocence who has since been turned over to the judicial commission.  

Stop visiting this blog you obsessed parasite!  You have no business here whatsoever.  I'm going to continue to point out you visit this blog as an unwanted trespasser.  Your visits are being recorded each and every day.
"Oh hideous bastard and foul stench, you're an unwanted visitor.  Your daily visits are duly noted Satan."  
Get a life and stop visiting my blog!