Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Ocean Metaphor

I love to use metaphors because they're powerful tools of communication reaching into the depths of people's psyches into another dimension.  I've recently learned you've got to be careful when you use metaphors though because Judges and other similar mindsets tend to take words literally.   Those who think one dimensionally can't handle metaphors much. 
A metaphor is an analogy between two objects or ideas; the analogy is conveyed by the use of a metaphorical word in place of some other word.
Examples: "Her eyes were glistening jewels" or "In Los Angeles traffic, the highways are a prison" - Wikipedia

The fact is, metaphors can take on a life of their own and are quite magical to discover and unlock the power of.  One might possibly find peace in a metaphor of the ocean being much like the human subconscious mind for what's happening now.  For anyone aware of the power of their subconscious mind lingering below the day-to-day mechanical working on the surface, they might find peace knowing nothing mankind could ever do will destroy life's creation.  It would be similar to little men on earth trying to destroy the universe!

As evil greedy people find ways to try and destroy the ocean, here we have a new discovery of life in the Atlantic Ocean of incredible mystery and beauty.   These life forms took millions of years to evolve on our planet and a few low life forms called greedy men want to destroy it all in a matter of a few years.  Shallow, greedy men and their Queens who own oil companies like BP, will never know true wealth of their spirits or ever dive deep into their subconscious minds for secret treasure discoveries.  They'll remain on the surface of life void of any depth of understanding the true meaning we were placed on earth.

One forum's comment responding to some one's preference for nuking ocean:
Well, maybe the physicists don’t have a problem with it but many of the oil geologists do. Virtually all the experts on the geology of oil and deep sea drilling say that an explosion in the gulf is very very risky because of the unique composition of the seabed there. There is a good chance bombing or nuking the spill would not close the well, but would create thousands of unstable fissures in the seafloor spewing even more oil– such a scenario would make Armageddon look tame.
Beware of anyone who says they think the ocean should be nuked!  Such a foolish statement is a good way of judging that person's mindset.  Anyone who thinks they know whether the ocean should be nuked is a fool. So when ex President Clinton suggests nuking the ocean, you know he's got the mind of a sociopath.  He knows how risky such a feat would be, that could be far worse.  Anyone willing to take that risk of nuking the ocean to stop several leaks on the bottom of the ocean has got to be insane in one form or another.  The people who allowed the drilling under the risks they took are equally insane in my opinion.

To put it simply, men with large egos and those thirsty for power in ruling the world are slowly going into a deep insanity and desperation for control. Einstein will be turning in his grave should they use a nuke on the ocean or even on Iran.