Monday, July 5, 2010

Was the 1938 Radio Broadcast of War of the Worlds a Social Experiment?

The infamous 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast was meant to be entertainment but many back then took the news bulletin style presentation to mean Martians were invading the United States.  Others with perhaps harder hearing believed they heard Germans were invading.

The program was adapted from H.G. Wells novel War of the Worlds. This, coupled with the talents of Orson Wells, made the broadcast seem all too real to some, especially who thought it meant the Germans were invading.

Here are some examples of the effects of the radio broadcast:

Seattle CBS affiliate stations KIRO and KVI broadcast Orson Welles' radio drama. While this broadcast was heard around the country, it made a deep impact in Concrete, Washington. At the point where the Martian invaders were invading towns and the countryside with flashes of light and poison gases and the lights were going down, there was a loud explosion and a power failure plunged almost the entire town of 1,000 into darkness.
Some listeners fainted while others grabbed their families to head into the mountains. Others headed for the hills to guard their moonshine stills. One was said to have jumped up out of his chair and, in bare feet, run two miles to the center of town. Some men grabbed their guns, and one Catholic businessman got his wife into the car, drove to the nearest service station and demanded gasoline. Without paying the attendant, he rushed to Bellingham, Washington (50 miles away) to see his priest for a last-minute absolution of sins. He reportedly told the gas-station attendant that paying for the gas "[wouldn't] make any difference, everyone is going to die!"

I don't think they intentionally meant to deceive people with this broadcast, but there's good reason to believe it all turned out to be a helpful study for social scientists of the future in the mass population's response.

Today many people are still naive and will believe anything the media and government presents to them.  So, if the government wants to push through an inoculation program, they plant an overblown story to get the population scared to approve of their plans.  If they want a war on Iran, they claim they've got nukes, etc.   Another example is the global warming scare, stirring up fear based on falsified scientific data in order to get a carbon tax on the entire world population.

I believe this War of the World's radio broadcast has been studied by social scientists who have aided in bringing the government's plans to fruition with methods of fear and panic.  The only question now is when and where will the next manufactured staged false flag event come from?