Saturday, July 3, 2010

What Causes Men to Dominate Women? Their Egos!

Last year around this time I took one of my few vacations in recent years to Las Vegas because it was inexpensive and I hadn't been there in a decade. I really wanted to see the Venetian Hotel and other architectural wonders I had never visited before.  I would be gone for a total of three nights.  Unfortunately one of the cyber stalkers I've referred to on this blog as cyber #2, made sure my trip would be rudely interrupted.

The cyber had walked into his local Walnut Creek court and lied to a judge claiming I had stalked his girlfriend and sent him a threatening letter.  None of this was true, and there was no evidence I sent him anything since the letter was postmarked from Vancouver Washington!  The cyber was simply afraid I had obtained enough evidence against him to file my own restraining order so he wanted the upper hand.  On the second day of my trip, I was called by a process server who did not believe my claim I wasn't home.  When I arrived back from the trip, a restraining order was left hanging on my door.  The server claimed I had lied that I wasn't home and wouldn't open my door. 

In spite of the fact I had never contacted this stranger cyber #2 in any form and an affidavit and ultimate court testimony that another from Vancouver Washington sent the letter, Judge Joel Golub overruled my contesting lack of jurisdiction and any evidence against me of ever contacting cyber #2.  Instead, the judge had ruled based on one of my blog articles I had expressed intent to get gun training at Front Site in Las Vegas for my protection.  I had only considered gun training due to an Alex Jones site advertisement.  Due to this article, the judge issued a restraining order against me, violating my First and Second Amendment Rights.  Judge Joel H. Golub violated the statute which governs restraining orders and non conviens jurisdiction, allowing someone who called himself George Orwell in his email identities, to carry out a Big Brother kind of operation.

Essentially, a middle aged white guy of 55, who had been cyber stalking and writing serious defamation about me and others on blogs and various sites, viewed himself as a government big brother operative. He walked into the local court to lie about me and the judge later overruled valid objections of lack of jurisdiction and evidence.  This self proclaimed government spy and wanna be James Bond turned in my blog article and claimed I posted stuff about him, much of which was posted by another party he had a conflict with long ago.

Cyber #1 - Self Appointed FBI Informant Who Continually Files Complaints

In another example case, cyber #1 walked into his local court in the East County of San Diego after I complained to his attorney Randall Dierlam that he had been recently sending me harassing obscene emails about the recent deposition and lawsuit I filed against him. I also received a veiled gun violence related death threat from him which he forwarded to me from the USENET forum.  I had reported cyber #1's contacts to the La Mesa Police who visited his home to question him. Lo and behold, cyber #1 went to complain to his local Judge Longstreth about my lawful activities and requested a restraining order.

Judge Longstreth did not apparently consider my strong response.  The judge obliged to grant a TRO  based on whatever perjury and illusions cyber #1 had created over the dispute.  For instance, blog articles written six months prior about the grim reaper and the death of Internet 2.0 were submitted to give enough of an appearance for any reason to issue a restraining order. I was also accused of filling out a form on a website to the cyber though there was no IP address associated with that message.  I did not ever contact this cyber #1 other than for cease and desist letters and through the legal processes.

I began filing motions to delay the issuing of a restraining order against me, because it was clear to me Judge Robert C. Longstreth was looking forward to ruling against me.  He should have never issued any TRO and it was clear he was abusing his discretion, something many judges do when the rules are broad.  I wanted the case moved to the jurisdiction of the lawsuit and also filed a prejudicial declaration in requesting a new judge.  Judge Longstreth was so pissed off I had delayed the case, he made some statement on record in order to damage my lawsuit, claiming I "had the wrong man" in my lawsuit.  Such was not true, there was just an additional man in Los Angeles who was involved. These guys were both guilty of cyber stalking and terrorizing me since 2007.

Judge Longstreth's on the campaign trail again for his judge position since his Governor appointed seat is being contested with several complaints.  People are upset by this judge, who has a large gay and lesbian following by the way.  He's been reported to have conducted his initial campaign unethically threatening local attorneys in San Diego for not supporting him that he would rule against their cases.  Here's a clip from one of his adversaries who sent me an email:

"Judge Longstreth has some fair political practices complaints for donation shakedowns of attorneys demanding that they donate to his campaign. There will be a CJP complaint filed based on his commenting on his cases during his election campaign and violating judicial cannon 5.

I believe he has had several complaints to CJP in the short time he has been judge (14 months) and he has created so much hate and discontent.  This organizations are slow but it is something the Elkins Task Force is addressing when Pro Per are frustrated by judges like this, we need to complain and make sure we are heard." 

The Bottom Line - Men Work Together to Dominate Single Women Whenever They're Able

I've noted many times throughout my life now how men work together to lie and create illusions in order to dominate me as single women who stands up to their dominating oppressive activities.  I've been a former secretary to men and enslaved to them for many years. I so much as deviate in any way from being their servant and they go into a tizzy!  Restraining orders are among several vehicles egoistic men use to fabricate, lie and humiliate with.  Typically, they will often use women as a front to carry out their plans whom they also dominate.  Thus, restraining orders have been falsely issued to me by these judges who could care less they violated my 1) First Amendment Rights 2) Second Amendment Rights (right to bear arms).  When you stand up to some harassing man in the workplace, they'll make sure you suffer for it as well any way they're able.

We Can Harass You All We Want - When You File a Lawsuit to Complain, We'll Make You Pay Lawyer's Fees!

Think of a money making machine men have in place in which they deliberately provacateur women through on-line harassment and defamation to file lawsuits.  Judges like Longstreth work to destroy such pro per cases, and then the woman is stuck with the other party's attorney bill!  It's a money making operation for male attorneys to put it simply.

It is obvious to me these men believe they are superior to women that they are above the law free to harass at will, while I have no rights whatsoever. I'm don't have any rights in these men's eyes whatsoever.  When I went with tons of evidence against cyber #1, a restraining order was denied as they claimed I couldn't prove it was the person, yet the judge in Walnut Creek had issued a RO against me based on someone else's mailing from Vancouver Washington.  It's clear to me many men think they're above the law an are using the judicial system to control and dominate women whenever they can.

What's even sadder is when women come to the rescue of the bruised egos of weak, cowardly men to lie with them.  Men in general want control over the female species. Many men simply use women as vehicles and objects and then seek to destroy them when they're done with them.  We see examples of this all the time in the news of soulless men who kill off their family for whatever reason.  Kind good men are far and few these days.

Though I won my lawsuit against cyber #2, it was nonetheless based on a default judgment.  The judge in San Francisco had no choice but to award damages though I had to provide proof of such damages and support it all with a lengthy declaration to be awarded $25,136.  Had the case been contested, I would have lost because I am a woman pro per who brutal judges like Judge Longstreth and Judge Joel H. Golub just love to slaughter like a little lamb.  It took two male witnesses who testified in support of my restraining order against cyber #2, otherwise I would have lost that case too!

As a single woman, I've come to the conclusion many men are severely misguided to believe they're on the same level as God and will seek to oppress, dominate and punish especially any single, childless women who comes to their attention. Smart women learn how to play the ego game with men, but I refuse to participate.  I've since learned these guys will do whatever it takes to make sure their over bloated male egos become replenished as the self proclaimed rulers of the world and conquerors of everything in it.