Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why Are Cyberstalkers Still Writing Me?

Today I was watching a few interesting videos on MSNBC about ridiculous outsource dating of people's relationships. This got me thinking about my current problem with being contacted by strange men who have an obsession with me on the Internet, who have been conducting themselves like junior high school boys with their various mischief.

This pathetic outsource dating video shows the arrogance of men of this day and age.  Few women would go for a method like this because it's too detached and non-emotional and contrived for one's own benefit.  No one's going to want to take anyone seriously who outsources finding them for a date. 

I've come to the conclusion my personal profile fits the reason why I'm in this predicament, and yes these guys continue to visit my blog under "Santee and El Cajon, CA" and "Los Angeles - AOL/Netscape browser" IP addresses. Occasionally even cyber #2 visits from Walnut Creek even after a RO was issued to him last year.  These men are visiting this blog as unwelcome visitors who are therefore considered as trespassers.

In other words, if this blog were my home, they are continually invading my property in spite of a trespass sign. They are looking through my windows at my personal thoughts and making phone calls to me (i.e., their emails) over things they observe inside.  The sidebar menu shows recorders that show Santee (EHW) visits this site each day as the primary visitor, sometimes twice, and the other guy visits a couple times a week. 

So the question remains why are these guys still monitoring and visiting my site?

Profile of a cyberstalker victim:

I haven't dated a man since 1986 and I haven't really done the long term dating game thing ever in my life. Men who thought they might have been dating me 30 years ago were mistaken.  I stumbled into my first and last long term relationship in 1982 that lasted one year. I can't stand being with men on a long term day to day basis unless it means I'm making good money working for them.
Whenever I spend any time with a man lately it ends up with his puckering up at the end of the night kissing the air.  I was so shocked that these guys were so out of touch with reality to think I'd want to kiss them.  My former sound engineer, who was far shorter then me who wore a raccoon tail hat like Davy Crockett, stood there one night with his eyes closed puckered up waiting for a kiss after I had him over for dinner and a movie.  Another guy did the exact same thing a year later and I could hardly believe it.  
So my last memories of guys who thought they were on a date with me was their standing two feet away with their lips puckered up waiting for me to kiss them.  When nothing happened, they opened their eyes and I was looking at them shocked saying "what are you doing?" because I thought they understood how could I possibly want them that way? I thought it was clear I just wanted to be friends having them over to see a movie. We watched the Twilight Zone DVD series, Misery and some Alex Jones documentaries.  We had a good time, but the end of the the night ruined it all. 
I distract from this horrific situation by being a workaholic while disciplining myself on a continual basis. Men and their whores disturb me.  My emotional fulfillment has been through singing as well as contacts with cats and dogs.

Please Go Away - Move Onto Other Things

The fact is I really don't want any attention from these guys of their daily or weekly visits and unwanted emails over my stories.  In their minds, they may think I do want their attention, but I honestly have done everything I possibly can, short of closing this blog, to get rid of them. I've filed lawsuits while I've repeatedly told their attorneys all I want is for them to stop this.  I've insulted their attorneys numerous times and put up stories about them. 

I've since come to the conclusion my main weakness in life has been allowing myself in this kind of predicament.  There are good reasons why I'm in this predicament. It's not for lack of intelligence, it's just that I've been continually and strategically blocked by control freaks or the "relationship gods" so to speak who seek to control the social game giving men far too much power.  They're such spoiled arrogant cowards, they have businesses enterprises to outsource dumping their girlfriends too:

Most women wouldn't use this Dump4U service knowing how men have so much power, they're lives would be threatened using such a humiliating method to get rid of their boyfriend.

Men have too much power in my opinion and women have been way too permissive and tolerant of their behaviors. Why? Because men use fear and intimidation tactics to keep women in line. There are certain consequences men can wield on today's woman such as blocking a pay raise, bonus or future promotion for not playing by men's rules. 

Why would Mel Gibson's beautiful lady still want to live in his house after this tirade that he has the nerve to tell her "you can stay in the house, but you can't have it". Why do women put up with this?  These kind of women want to use their beauty to get into men's weatlh and riches and most of the time not really him.  They don't want to work for a living so they put up with this crap.