Friday, July 9, 2010

Woman Fired For Being Too Hot Sues Citibank

When I saw this story, I literally died of laughter.  There are so many lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits, it's a business for them.  Attorneys sucker their clients into paying them to file lawsuits  and the courts could care less.  As for pro pers (i.e., self represented), well that's a different story.  Certain judges despise dealing with pro pers.  If you're a pro per filing a lawsuit, you need to make sure the judge doesn't have a reputation for being adverse to pro pers. You will lose no matter what case you file. Believe it or not, judges play politics.
"In blatantly discriminatory fashion, plaintiff (Debrahlee Lorenzana) was advised that as a result of the shape of her figure, such clothes were purportedly 'too distracting' for her male colleagues and supervisors to bear."
The sexy single mom pointed out to her bosses "that other female colleagues wore similar professional attire," and that some dressed far more provocatively, the filing says.
 But this is the hilarious part:
But her supervisors shot back that those women didn't have to worry about turning them on "as their general unattractiveness rendered moot their sartorial choices, unlike plaintiff," the papers say.
Read more: -NY Post Article

It sounds to me like lawyers are merely using their case for entertainment value of the public. This lady has no case because it doesn't fall into the civil rights areas of employment law.  They can fire anyone at any time for any reason. This isn't sexual harassment but the opposite.  The supervisors were just being honest and professional with her.  The lawyers who filed this case and those who responded are trying to entertain the public and get in the media.  Judges know these are deliberately frivolous and rarely punish lawyers.