Friday, August 20, 2010

I Really Wanted to Respect Our U.S. Judicial System But. . .

. . .it's totally corrupt and overtly political!  This assessment isn't just based on my experience either. In 2003, Judge Edith Jones of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit told the Federalist Society of Harvard Law School that the American legal system has been corrupted almost beyond recognition.  If that was the state of the judiciary in 2003, imagine how it has evolved into today?
The judge stated, "An increasingly visible and vocal number apparently believe that the strategic use of anger and incivility will achieve their aims. Others seem uninhibited about making misstatements to the court or their opponents or destroying or falsifying evidence," she claimed. "When lawyers cannot be trusted to observe the fair processes essential to maintaining the rule of law, how can we expect the public to respect the process?" 
"Our legal system is way out of kilter," she said. "The tort litigating system is wreaking havoc. Look at any trials that have been conducted on TV. These lawyers are willing to say anything." - American Legal System is Corrupt Beyond Recognition, Judge Tells Harvard Law School
Similarly, asked Jones, how can a system founded on laws survive if the administrators of the law daily display their contempt for it?
"Lawyers' private morality has definite public consequences," she said. "Their misbehavior feeds on itself, encouraging disrespect and debasement of the rule of law as the public become encouraged to press their own advantage in a system they perceive as manipulatable."
I cannot emphasize more that one cannot really understand how truly corrupt the judicial system is until they go into their cases as self represented parties (i.e. pro pers).   Only then can you observe how the players within the legal system view it as their game paid for by tax payers.  As a pro per with a basic legal education, it became easy to  observe the court system was about profitability among attorneys, judges, government employees and nothing more. The legal system's corruption is greatly reliant on the average citizen's  ignorance of the law, procedure and how the court system works.  Such is why humiliation is often used as a tool by judges and lawyers as a common tactic against legally trained pro pers.   They use abusive psychological devices due to they're knowing truth or justice doesn't often win in court.

I'd like to reference a couple of former critical posts about the mischief of new attorneys who are struggling to survive in a bad economy.  One such attorney was Pamela Lauser, Esq. of Martinez, CA who charged me $2,500 while I did all the work and represented myself in court to obtain a restraining order against a cyber stalker in 2009.  See Lawrence Lauser's Frivolous Federal Lawsuit Against City College of San Francisco.

Another such attorney was, Jacob Harker, Esq. of San Francisco. Two years into his predictably short career, Harker overlooked mountains of evidence from subpoenas, court transcripts and deposition testimony, relying on a shaky defense from a 2007 email contact from a third party that violated the statute of limitations.   Harker's ridiculous power grab over my attempt(s) to get a restraining order against his criminally convicted public nuisance and trespassing client, can be found in my complaint to The California State Bar. In fact, his client sent me another harassing email a few hours ago which was forwarded to Harker.  See My State Bar of California Complaint Against Attorney Jacob Harker.

These attorneys and the local community judicial systems are making money off the provocateur activities of convicted criminals on the Internet and supporting their cyber bulling activities as such. The cyber bullies appoint themselves as big brother operatives in aligning themselves as an undercover operation for the FBI.  The local  government is obliging since their activities generate income for their local legal communities. 

These attorneys seem well trained in psychological sadism techniques and so are the judges.  They are really out to get money from the public and treat us like we're all low intelligence imbeciles.  Many people are waking up to this judicial money making scam however.  Pro pers may stumble and fall against a powerful tyranny of legal professionals but we still remain witness to the reality the judicial system is full of corrupt people.

It is one thing to watch Perry Mason on television, it is quite another to go in and experience the judicial system for one's self.  (Remember the cop show Adam 12? Back in the 60's most thought the program was an accurate portrayal of police officers too!) I strongly encourage everyone concerned as to the health of our legal system to take a paralegal certificate course if they're able.  A good on-line program is offered through National Paralegal College.  It's well worth the investment that provides a good foundation for our highly legalistic overtly political culture.