Monday, August 2, 2010

U.S. Food & Water Supply Deliberately Poisoned

Radio commentator, film maker and activist Alex Jones recently put out a two part video about how American's food supply is being deliberately poisoned to soft kill Americans.  The first day the video received nearly 250,000 views until YouTube put the brakes on it.  A cover-up ensued as Google removed the key words used to promote and find the video in its search engine.  The next few days the video only got a mere 30,000 hits following the huge wave of views. My question is, if Google's corporate campaign slogan "don't be evil" is for real, why would it want to cover-up the American food supply is poisoned by working against the video?

I've been noting a lot of manipulation happening in the media lately designed to put Americans to sleep. The media is definitely working to cover-up for disasters to calm the American public as if it's medicating them. Anything that is disturbing is quickly swept under the rug as if everything's okay like a parent would lie to a child to calm them. All of the sudden the oil spill is plugged and according to the EPA, it gave the green light for BP to use Corexit dispersant. Everything is okay now, go back to watching television and don't worry. The gov't has it all under control.

Now people can note how the Google search engine has removed the Alex Jones food poison video from its front page of most popular videos having put a huge skid on its viewership by removing key words from its search engine. Oh, and that bee story a while back about how all the honey bees are dying off the San Francisco Chronicle reported?  Everything's okay now because the local bee keepers are bearing honey.

It seems the media is working to cover-up all disasters it reveals, training Americans to see how everything is made okay after its stories.  Problems suddenly disappear and go away! 

Anything remotely disturbing to Americans is either quickly covered-up by the media or eventually made okay.  It's clearly mind manipulation.  People aren't getting real news through these outlets any longer.  If you want real news, visit and   Sodium fluoride is deliberately put in the tap water to make people ill and dumbed down. The fake sweetener aspartame was approved by the FDA after being initially rejected three times.  Later Reagan's new appointee let it go through for corporate profits!  Aspartame is a deadly poison in all kinds of diet foods and chewing gum.  They've since changed its name because people were becoming aware of Aspartame's dangers.

Many Americans prefer to be lied to and don't want to know what's really happening in our world. When it comes to poison in food, that's something few can ignore without consequences to health. Sadly, there are many people who don't care what's in their food if it tastes good.  Many people don't want to hear bad things so they typically prefer to kill off  the messenger.  People who prefer the government lie to them have the same kind of mindset from Nazi Germany in my opinion.  People in denial of the truth who prefer to manipulate and play with the facts have a dangerous mindset.

I'm afraid all this cover-up activity has resulted from an over saturation of attorneys in the United States.  Attorneys often believe they can defeat the truth in a court of law by lying, omitting relevant facts and playing politics.  You can observe attorneys behind the scenes in everything from BP's cover-up to Google's.  Attorneys would have you believe sodium fluoride is good for you if their client profits from it.