Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Hereby Uphold Singer George Michael as Forever Hot from the 80's!

After much thought I've come to the conclusion everyone should be remembered at the peak of their lives at their very best and the rest forgotten!  I mean it!  Therefore, in view of recent unfortunate events, I'd like to uphold singer George Michael as forever hot with Wham! in the 1980's. What a voice! What a talent!

Yeah, so what, I liked gay men and hung out at nude beaches in So. Cal in the early 80's with them.  I hung out at the Coffee Bean in Marina Del Rey with a gay guy every Saturday drinking frothy ice cappuccinos.  Big deal!

George Michael was an explosive male vocal talent that Michael Jackson probably envied at one time.  One thing for sure this video also proves is men who can't really dance often spin around in circles like tops or stand motionless alone in spotlights! This was during the Michael Jackson Thriller era mind you.  If George Michael had only been a great dancer he might have been near the level of MJ too.

I haven't heard these Wham! songs in years until only recently. After my post on George Michael I did some YouTubing on his Wham! stuff.    When these songs came out I was 24 years old and driving my ocean blue RX-7 sports car. Funny how poor I was back then regardless of driving that car. I saw an 1982 RX-7 car the other day on California Street in San Francisco felt all excited. I felt like jumping up and down and waving down the driver but it was too late. OMG you've got a 1981 RX7 in 2010? That car was amazing!  Mine was an 1980 model which was a slightly different design far ahead of its time.  I loved that car and even dream about it once in a while. I can't believe I had an emotional attachment to a fricken car!  So yeah, I like to remember myself from my 20's and 30's so what?  I had a wart removed the other day along with UFO like cyst polyps on my neck. Age happens and there's no stopping it unless you're a millionaire or perhaps athlete.

So those were the good old days.  No wrinkles!   In 1982 I once saw actor Henry Winkler of Happy Days at the  Hard Rock Cafe in West Hollywood. My friend back from high school, Janine Ritcher, whose father was once the city mayor of Palos Verdes Estates, CA, told me he was checking me out.  I couldn't believe it, the Fonz from Happy Days? No way! 

Many of us are all fading fast, including those of us who were born in the 1960's.  One thing for sure was that the world was different back then and a special time in history. The Beatles, JFK, etc.  It's all fading fast along with George Michael.  As a former narcissist, I'll always remember myself at my peak too, which was around 35 years old way back in 1995.  I was supposed to have been a singer back then except I wasn't singing because I was too filled with rage.  Regardless, back then I had a bachelorette pad in Manhattan Beach, California  with a water bed , a fun Honda scooter and plenty of beach time,  a cool astro cat and telescope time. Back then I wore a size 6 pant size and the choice of clothing styles was great with all the colorful silk shirts they had back then.
In sum, time is the death of us all along with these creepy crawling vampire attorneys.  Damn it!