Monday, September 20, 2010

One Day Poof! I Be Gone!®

There's a cyber stalker who lied to the court, to several judges and to his attorney. I know he lied because I'm a witness he's guilty of harassing and defaming me in the extreme.  It all started back in 2007 and up until just a matter of a few weeks ago.  The lawsuit I filed didn't go to trial and I requested a dismissal simply because there was an additional person involved I didn't have a DOES placeholder for.

A small group of men recently worked together to whitewash my evidence to obtain a restraining order and shut me up as if nothing happened and it was all in my imagination. I  witnessed some very ugly, nasty men who could have cared less, while enjoying tormenting and dominating me all the more.  They now expect me to pay legal fees as a result of a clear set-up. I've been dealing with manipulative criminal minds and the court system could have cared less, largely aiding and abetting the outcome.

This is my final notice to these crooks that no one will be getting any money from me. I'm not going to pay for your legal fees for lying to the judges and your attorney.  You're guilty as hell and I'm the witness and judge of you in this matter.

Happy My Life Evolved This Way - I Will Be Totally Free From These Bastards Soon

I enjoyed having my own businesses and meeting new people.  It's been a great experience.  I'm happy I could experience freedom at some point after decades of slaving for other people and their businesses.  I learned what it's like to have real freedom and am grateful I reached a point I could have my own life.

I anticipate various forces will likely overcome my businesses but don't know when that will be.  I will do my best, but believe the economy is going to get worse.  Notarization work is heavily tied to the banking and real estate market that ebbs and flows.  Legal document preparation work is something that takes a long time to develop as a business.  I don't know if I have enough time prior to the economy getting worse.

Crazy Men Suck!

I've witnessed the dark side of certain men and it's not pretty. They're truly ugly hideous demon possessed animals.  I was totally set-up and they clearly wanted to get to my money.  Many attorneys are nothing more than thieves. They're highly manipulative and diabolical.
The price of total personalization is total transparency. Transparency suggests a more active role, rather than an imposed view. You have to BE transparent.  And of course, it is impossible to have total personalization with perfect knowledge. - Source
There's no turning back.  I'm refusing to ever slave as an employee ever again.  It's over.  When we make decisions new doors eventually begin to open up. For instance, as I type this I'm noticing my hands are becoming slightly transparent.  The thought of never being a slave working for some other person's benefit is the likely cause.

I know that I'm gradually fading into a higher dimension of existence and one day Poof! I Be Gone!®