Saturday, September 18, 2010

Political Prisoner Richard Fine Free At Last!

I'm really stunned since it was just yesterday I was thinking about the ongoing seemingly hopeless saga of political prisoner Richard Fine. Then last night I was pondering over the Full Disclosure Network and how seemingly ineffective it had been in spite of its longstanding tremendous efforts. It seemed Richard Fine, 71, was destined to die in jail.

What's even more interesting is that after I thought about these seemingly hopeless things, earlier in the day I was sent a video link by the David Icke web site of both he and Jordan Maxwell discussing how humans have the key to free themselves from the various evil entity forces on our planet that wish to control, manipulate and imprison us.  It was truly an amazing video.  Then when I woke up I learned Fine was freed!

I went to bed at 1:00 am after having watched this David Icke/Jordan Maxwell Video about Consciousness and the evil forces on earth that wish to imprison, manipulate and control humanity.  When I woke up the next morning, Richard Fine had been freed!

The former tragic story was about judge corruption in the false imprisonment of Richard Fine set free last night from the Men's Central Jail after serving over a year in brutal solitary confinement.  The corrupt Judge Yaffee had formerly admitted to accepting bribes from the County of Los Angeles  along with the other hundreds of Los Angeles judges since the early 1990's.  Judge Yafee has subsequently announced his retirement set for November 1, 2010.

Richard Fine was confined without due process of jury trial and without any charges which sent a shiver through many an American's spine.  Judge Yaffee essentially acted as a dictator and above the law in refusing to recuse himself from Fine's dilemma. All Americans should be concerned when judges act above the law.  This story is both a tragedy and triumph because it took far too long for Fine to be freed.  Fine, a 70 year old, could have died behind bars due to his health condition and the various stress associated with solitary confinement.

Congratulations* to award winning journalist Leslie Dutton and her Full Disclosure Network and Richard Fine for exposing the corruption of the Los Angeles Superior Judge Yafee not to mention hundreds of judges who accepted kick back bribes by the city for not ruling against it in any lawsuits.

* In spite of ineffective zero Google rated blogs run by hypocrites at Right Trumps Might who don't practice what they preach.