Friday, September 3, 2010

Scientists Claim New Discovery of Origins of Human Brain

One can only imagine how any scientist would feel to have discovered the true origin of his human brain began with a small marine worm 600,0000,000 years ago. In spite of such an ego busting discovery, the human brain evolving from a small ragworm is exactly what scientists are claiming in a newly released paper in the scientific journal Cell. Imagine how a Christian steeped in the teachings of Adam & Eve might also feel about this news?

The discovery means that the origins of the human brain can now be traced back to when we last shared a common ancestor with this species, Platynereis dumerilii, a relative of the common earthworm.

So let me get this right; scientists have essentially placed the origin of the human species on the level of a small marine ragworm?  They also go so far as to claim insects such as spiders, crustaceans, velvet worms likely possess these brain structures which correspond to our cerebral cortex. For those unaware, the cerebral cortex is part of the human brain involved in memory, learning, though, language, consciousness and more.
When French biologist Felix Dujardin first observed the mushroom bodies in invertebrates in 1850, he proposed that these structures bestowed insects with a certain degree of free will control over their instinctive actions. Dujardin's theories have since been largely validated.   
Subsequent research has established that the mushroom bodies, which look a bit like mushrooms, serve as a center for associative learning and memory formation, activities that are very similar to those of the cerebral cortex.

"Our cerebral cortex functions by associating sensory information, such as smell, sound and vision, with events, and by storing these associations as memories by modifying the connection strength of neurons," Tomer explained.

"These stored memories then form the basis for making right decisions in the future. Similar mechanisms are found in invertebrates as well, where mushroom bodies are known to be largely responsible for associative learning."  - Discovery News Article

I kind of take with a grain of salt what these scientists are claiming.  Just because they say it's so doesn't mean I'm convinced.  These things have some degree of free will over their instinctive actions? The scientists are reducing the emergence of human intelligence to that of the level of insects and worms!  If we evolved from these things, what's to stop other types of species from ultimately evolving like us? 

In the mean time, in my new quest for credible information on the NASA UFO footage I've posted about recently (See NASA Astronauts Coming Out About Real UFOs and Don't Panic But 5% of UFO's Perplex Military, Scientists and Governments), I came across the videos and work of an outstanding physicist, David Sereda. He has basically come to some interesting new theories about how it's possible to travel faster then the speed of light which is the only way UFO's could possibly visit earth. 

As we view the ragworm, UFO visitors may view us on the same level of intelligence comparatively.  After all, they had to have harnessed traveling faster than the speed of light to have reached us at all.