Wednesday, September 8, 2010

U.S. Gov's Patented Scary Mass Mind Control HAARP Device

If it's true that extraterrestrials have been visiting earth a long time as many of my recent post disclosures suggest (see NASA Astronauts Coming Out about REAL UFO'sDon't Panic, But 5% of UFO's Perplex Military, Governments and ScientistsSo UFO's and ET's Really Exist?  I Need a Vacation!) the possibility their advanced technology has been researched by the U.S. government is highly probable.

It therefore  isn't all too inconceivable a few of those in our gov't and others have possibly morphed from some kind of contact with the aliens and their technology.  In that case, the govt's latest mass mind control device may be an off shoot of what the extraterrestrials planned for us as a means of communication to the masses.

Here's an interesting trailer for a documentary on UFO's that came out last May, 2010, The Day Before Disclosure.  Many think governments around the world will begin to announce we are being visited and have been for a long time as many apparently are beginning to.

Even the new Prime Minister of Japan's wife, Mikyuki Hatoyama, claims to have been abducted by aliens and taken to Venus!