Thursday, October 28, 2010

Escaping the Box of Male Domination and Social Engineering

After being on the other end of what is really a nasty display of male domination, jealousy and revenge over delusional self images, I've been analyzing what causes it all.  I've come to the conclusion this oppressive male way of thinking and viewing the world is the result of the American culture in general.  Capitalism, greed, competitive sports and the educational system all causes many American men to exist on the level of an arrogant primal monkey.

The sad thing is how women have fully cooperated in supporting this American male attitude and domination to the detriment of the indebted U.S. economy.  Women in America have allowed men to run wild, such as this young man in the video below, doing whatever they want with no boundaries whatsoever. This, while women are extremely critical and intolerant of one another.  This causes a severe imbalance in the American culture for women to feel repressed in expressing their emotions (e.g., only at weddings, baby showers, etc.) while men often run around behaving like madmen.

This college dorm student displays typical American male behaviorl pounding of his chest with primal sounds while running around his dorm like a monkey over the SF Giants Pennant win.  Near the end of the video, his roommate rewards his behavior.  Men allow themselves a broad range of behaviors and emotions in American culture. On the other hand, women are often intolerant and over critical of one another.

I didn't like working for employers the past 30 years because I've never been allowed to be myself. Men always made sure they dominated reality and that I was limited to the box they felt I fit into.  To these men, I've only existed to be used as a tool for them to achieve their goal and nothing more. This is grossly unfair.  It became clear to me these men were greedy and wanted to dominate all aspects of the corporate world.  Only women who submitted to men in corporate America to do whatever they wanted them to do had any form of success of long term job stability.

In this video, much like in the corporate world, a man trains a monkey to be a film director
and make her own film. Many American men view women as an inferior species only to be used, manipulated and socially engineered like primates.

Men often projected their feelings of jealousy, torment and conquest onto me in the business world.  They knew I was always in a weak position and boxed me in psychologically. Like a math formula they believed they could determine my mental state from basic psychology 101 and treat me as such without regard for the true reality. The reality is that I'm a living free thinking flowing human being inside.  I am my own person, having not given into social engineering many corporations take part in.  Because I'm a free thinker, I was able to somehow break free and have my own businesses. During the time of breaking free, I noted jealous vicious male behavior reared its ugly head on the Internet from complete strangers.  Men noted I was "escaping the box" and tried hard to keep me locked up in it forever branded with their cattle iron.
Social engineering is a discipline in political science that refers to efforts to influence popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments or private groups. In the political arena, the counterpart of social engineering is political engineering. - Wikipedia
There's something very dark and ugly about today's American male.  He has to win at all costs, have all the money and prestige.  He views himself as oppressed by women in some way yet he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants it.  He can cheat on his wife and divorce anytime moving on to his next woman.  He can burden women with children and not really raise them as he should leaving our culture scarred.

In this American society men are spoiled by their mothers at a young age. They generally get whatever they want whenever they want it.  Today, in many growing cases, women work hard to give men what they want in the workplace and at home.  Men have all the support in this culture and make sure women are in a box existing only for the purpose of breeding and being socially engineered to conform to their desires and needs.

How sad it is to come to the realization that men are largely for the most part nothing more than arrogant monkeys with a higher brain function.  A monkey may even have more soul than many of today's American males.