Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Just a Root Canal Scam Mam!

A word of caution to anyone having old amalgam fillings over 20 years old - they'll eventually need replacing. Surprise!  I recently had my first amalgam filling replaced after I noticed heat sensitivity.  One day I was eating a french fry that caused me to nearly hit the roof in pain.

I posted a while back in April that a new dentist seemed to be exploiting the problem tooth to propose I pay for a root canal specialist's opinion.  According to my trusted dentist of 15 years who I had asked for a second opinion, the tooth didn't appear to need a root canal based on the Xray or tests.

After the tooth check up, a few months later the tooth became sensitive again out of the blue.  I feared the worst, that it was a possible root canal.  Coincidentally, the other dentist had also called around the time of new tooth pain to let me know it was time for a check-up.  I returned to my trusted dentist who suggested a plan of first replacing the old amalgam filling that could be the culprit and then moving forward based on the results. Well, the results are in and I'm relieved it was just an amalgam filling needing replacement after all! The sensitivity to heat is completely gone now.

I was relieved because I have no dental insurance. A root canal and crown is at least $2,000.  I used to pay $450 a year for dental insurance and, of course, nothing ever happened when I paid that amount.  I knew the moment I had no insurance things would start popping up in my mouth. The good news for me is I have porcelain crowns, a bridge and only two amalgam fillings left to replace.  I've had one root canal 20 years ago.  I'm hoping, never again.

I learned how some dentists try to exploit tooth symptoms for their profit.  The new dentist who had brought me in on her new patient coupon mailing told me she was nearly certain I needed a root canal.  It's important to always get a second opinion from a trusted source prior to letting any starving dentist lead you into an expensive specialist's chair.  The specialist was all set to charge $157 and God only knows where they would have led me from there.  However, I take note this dentist scam is nothing compared to attorneys' scams. Attorneys are among some of the biggest crooks on the planet aside from bankers. 

I've paid my dues in a dental chair over my lifetime with braces, head gears (the pain!), retainers and spacers, you name it.  I've had just about enough of it all except for maybe the laughing gas. I absolutely loved the laughing gas!