Monday, October 4, 2010

LBJ Had JFK Assassinated - Case Closed In My Mind

People are saying enough of the endless speculation on JFK's assassination!  I studied about the John F. Kennedy assassination in the mid 90's coming to the conclusion Lyndon B. Johnson was the prime suspect in JFK's murder.  It's now been confirmed with a recent series of articles under the theme's LBJ Killed JFK  tying all the loose ends together with a single fingerprint in the book depository. 

LBJ was an insane bastard who had President Kennedy killed so he could become President among other things. LBJ hated the Kennedys and blackmailed JFK into choosing him as his running mate.  Though others had supported LBJ in his motivations, LBJ was the prime force behind it all.

I always thought the JFK/LBJ combination seemed a little strange.  Apply some intuition, do you really think JFK would have chosen that bastard LBJ Texan as his running mate if he had choice? Hell no! 

"With their politics often in opposition, it seems odd that Kennedy chose Johnson to be his running mate in 1960. In fact, John Kennedy and his brother Robert didn't want any part of Johnson. But there was a problem.

John Kennedy had his personal demons. He was addicted to IV "meth" (methamphetamine) and steroids because of his severe back pain and chronic Hodgkins disease. He was also a womanizer. He had many affairs while a Senator and these were well documented by J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover, who had his own sexual demons [redacted] was himself blackmailed by organized crime and big oil interests into threatening the Kennedys with exposure of JFK's sexual activities unless he allowed Johnson a place on his ticket. Hoover played his card and the Kennedys reluctantly folded."
According to Kennedy's personal secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, both Bobby and John Kennedy were extremely upset about the decision.
In the room at the Biltmore Hotel... they were huddled together closely, on the bed, discussing about LBJ... Bobby would get, look out the window and stare. John would sit there and think. It was an intense 30 minutes... How to maneuver to get it so he (Johnson) wouldn't be on the ticket..." It was blackmail... the malicious rumors were fed to LBJ by J. Edgar Hoover about his (Kennedy's) womanizing... LBJ and Hoover had boxed him into a hole." - Source Article

One of the female guests was Medeline Brown, LBJ's girlfriend. Brown had met Johnson right after he won the Senate seat and following the "Box 13" scandal. He was celebrating his victory in a Texas hotel and first danced with Medeline, then handed her his hotel room key. The two had an affair spanning many years and their "meetings" were often arranged with the help of Johnson's assistants.

That night, Madeline remembers being surprised to see Johnson, as he was not scheduled to be at the dinner party.
"When Lyndon arrived they all went into a conference room and you could just feel the atmosphere. When Lyndon came out... he was red in the face... he took my hand and said, 'Those god damned Kennedys will never embarrass me again. That's not a threat. That's a promise!'" -Article

Surprise!  Oswald was trained as an CIA agent!

 Oswald was a patsy fall man who was completely innocent of killing John F. Kennedy

Lyndon B. Johnson's guilty of arranging for a hit murder on JFK.  This case is officially closed.

*Just a note that at one point the article referenced refers to JFK being a closet homosexual I've redacted. I  think that was just a misinterpretation since it was J. Edgar Hoover who as the homosexual who was involved.

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