Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mexican Pirates On The U.S. Border Killing Americans

American tourists are being killed in vicious attacks on the Mexican border.  A few weeks ago, Tiffany Hartley's husband David was shot while jet skiing by young Mexican pirates.  The Hartley's had wandered into Mexican waters in order to take a photo of an old church.  No one had forewarned them of the danger.

Tiffany has since been largely scrutinized as possibly killing her own husband to add to her pain.  Recently a witness has reportedly come forward to support Tiffany's story.  Tiffany was initially questioned by Mexican authorities for several hours about her story.  There were a couple of anomalies such as a missing jet ski and body.  To me, these alleged anomalies seem logical since the young pirates would want the jet ski and probably the body as well.

Tiffany has since gone on a campaign to speak out about the violence on the Mexican border by the drug cartels. Affirming much of what has been said on the Alex Jones Show, the Mexican drug cartels control much of Mexico.  In fact, one of the top investigators of Tiffany's case was recently beheaded with his head sent in a suitcase. 

In spite of these emerging facts, it is quite sad that the U.S. government chooses not to adequately forewarn Americans. 
But Texas officials keep encouraging boaters to enjoy the bass fishing on a border lake. And Gov. Rick Perry has not urged people to take any special precautions, suggesting only that U.S. and Mexican authorities increase the law enforcement presence in the area.  Tiffany Hartley Declines to Go to Mexico - Christian Monitor
It's interesting when our government is always running around the planet hyping up the threat of terrorism when they seem to have no interest in protecting Americans lives on the border.  It's a very serious problem that deserves a Presidential address to the nation because a real war is happening in Mexico.  Mexico is an extremely dangerous place to visit.  People should be made aware regardless that it would hurt tourism.