Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Michael Douglas is a Treasured Actor

My favorite actor of all time, Michael Douglas, is dying of throat cancer and many of his fans such as myself are very distraught over it.  Life can be so unfair, God so cruel sometimes. This shouldn't be happening! Michael Douglas is far too young to die at 66.  I really liked this actor in so many films.  He's a naturally gifted actor because he always seemed so true to life.  Some of the movies I enjoyed Douglas acting in were War of the Roses, Fatal Attraction, Romancing the Stone, Disclosure and Wall Street.

I know this may sound strange to many, but I especially enjoyed Douglas vocal qualities and how he communicated in film. Michael Douglas was one of the biggest actors of my generation who had even appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in the 80's.  I thought Douglas' teaming up with director Danny DeVito was a match made in heaven and very special.  

In this Michael Douglas tribute video, actress Kathleen Turner's appearance is a little shocking.  As I said in a previous post, no one escapes the dredge of middle age, not even the former gorgeous Kathleen Turner!

This time of life for many is when people who worked so hard for many years begin to really enjoy their lives.  It's so wrong the way this is all ending, that Michael Douglas had to endure his son recently going to prison and now this!  He deserved better. I'm so sorry this all had to happen. Douglas is valiantly fighting for his life, but many project the chances of survival of stage IV throat cancer are very slim.  Regardless, Douglas continues to bravely fight for his life.  Many of Douglas' fans know what he must be going through; the pain, the suffering and agony. Many pray the pain will soon end that Michael Douglas will find eternal peace.

The Douglas family actor dynasty has had an impact on the movie industry like few others.  Kirk Douglas, who is perhaps best remembered for his role in the Stanley Kubrick film Spartacus (1960) is still living today in his 90's. Kirk is listed as #17 on the American Film Institutes's list of the greatest male American screen legends of all time.