Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Singer Neil Young's an Evil Tightwad Asshole Without a Conscience

Since my last article Building Bridges as a Loan Signing Agent in San Francisco about my loan signing experiences, the work's been picking up again.  I think the bank foreclosure crisis caused a major glitch in processing people's refinance paperwork.  Banks have been getting away with a lot from trying to foreclose people's properties without the deed or mortgage papers to back it up due to derivative package loan sales. The chain in the property ownership was disrupted due to the sloppy way the banks approached the loan transactions. see Foreclosure Fraud - It's Worse Then You Think.  They're saying the Obama administration is going to eventually allow the banks to get away with it after the elections. For now, Obama pocket vetoed legislation designed to allow banks to take properties without proof.

Two nights ago I did an interesting signing for a retired sound engineer whose well connected in the music business of all the classic old rock bands from the 60's and 70's.  The engineer, whose in his 60's and is partially deaf and a stroke survivor, told me a little story about what an asshole and tightwad singer Neil Young is who ripped him off.  He had done a charity project with Young only to be charged $1,200 for some tickets he thought he was given for free.  Neil did the same thing to his nanny.  What a jerk!  Apparently Neil Young owns half of San Mateo California.  I had no idea how wealthy this Neil Young asshole is.  Based on many of his photos this guy looks as evil as he sounds.

I meet all types of people in this line of work.  Last week I did a loan refinance signing for a couple, gay men,  who had a kid and a million dollar house.  It was interesting because they had chickens in the back yard that laid fresh eggs for them.  Based on the circumstances, I presumed the chickens were lesbians, especially since there was no rooster around.  After all, it is San Francisco; gay men with a gay son and lesbian chickens all make perfect sense.